Speed Dating

First impressions are a fragile thing.

So, naturally, everyone wants to have a fantastic opening line should they ever find themselves in a speed dating situation. Tillie, Cara and I spent this evening eating banana, yoghurt and nutella mixed in a bowl and working out what our interesting opening line would be.

Tillie’s is: “Hi, I’m Tillie. I can’t sentence together a string.”

Mine is: “Hi, I’m Megan, I walk into stuff. A lot.”

And the absolute cracker and winner by far is Cara’s: “Hi, I’m Cara. Sometimes I drop food on my clothes and eat it straight off them.”

We are pretty sure that if we left still single there would officially be something wrong with the world.

Apart from that, today has been a mixture of things. The weather was slightly better today, thank god! Well, all that means is that it wasn’t quite as wet. The wind, however, was horrendous. It was actually quite scary at times. We had a family come in on an activity day who wanted to ride, so we had to ride some of the horses beforehand to make sure that they wouldn’t spook and bolt off with the beginner riders. I had the dear Buddy, who threatened to run off with me a few times but only carried it through once. We actually did something close to a perfect canter pirouette. Not that I could get him to do one if I actually intended for it though.

The Halloween Campers arrived this afternoon. Which has already proved to be exhausting! Only five days to go….Jeez. Teenage girls are a test of anyone’s patience. I think it’s going to turn into quite a long week!! There’s an instructor coming in the mornings to teach them who seems really good though, so Tillie and I are very much hoping to get a lesson with her at some point before the week is up.

Being on the yard with Keli is great though. We’ve been having some laughs already and reminding Keli exactly why she missed us. She threatened to drown us in a puddle and have us stuffed so that we could stand in the corner of the yard to stop her missing us, but we’d be nice and quiet. Charming! I know she loves us really.

I also had a good text chat with my Mum this afternoon during which she reminded me that it is okay to be human. I need that sometimes. I tend to forget.

True Story.


Any thoughts?

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