Manic Monday!

What an explosion of a day.

None of us were really prepared for the mental day we ended up having I don’t think. What started off as a semi-decent looking day weatherwise, with only 6 residential campers to worry about turned into a full day of bucketing rain with the residentials, 7 day campers, two treks of 9 people in each and one trek of 6.

The poor horses didn’t know what hit them! Nor did we really. I’ve done a lot of walking today. A lot of walking. And my legs got so wet that they went completely numb because during one of the treks, the heavens truly opened. There was no escape. Even the horses were trying to turn away, but we had to get them to just keep moving. Poor things. It was seriously vile weather.

I guess the start of the day should have told me that it was going to be a bit of a crazy one really. This is how I managed to dress myself….

I’d love to say that it only happened once. If I did that, however, I would be lying. Because I managed it not only walking up the driveway to the centre but also later on in the day (but the other way around), standing in the tack room. Sigh. I’m a special kind of person.

Not quite as special as Tillie however. Wanna know what super smart thing she did today? She managed, somehow and I don’t know how, to tip over the whole muck trailer! Which is massive. And full of poop. It took four of us to right the thing and yet somehow teeny tiny little Tillie managed to tip it over on her own in the first place! I was mucking out a stable and heard “MEEEEEEEEG…help!” from somewhere outside. Dashing out, I saw Tillie standing next to the fallen trailer just staring at it. Ridiculous girl. Honestly!

Despite the fact that we got totally drenched and knackered and cold, it wasn’t exactly a bad day. Just slightly more manic than we had initially anticipated. The only real downside to it all is that because we were having to walk alongside the two treks of 9 people to maintain control of beginner kids on naughty ponies, we missed the boys when they left. They actually left yesterday to head back to Uni, and then a few hours later came right back again because Josh’s car had broken down halfway there. Sounded like a pretty horrid experience really, given that the car completely conked out on them. So they ended up having to try and sort that out today. I have no idea how things went for them, but we found out at the end of the day that Adam had taken them back to Cork earlier on, while we were out on one of the treks. Which is a shame, as although we already said goodbye and stuff yesterday, it would’ve been nice to give them another hug before parting ways for god knows how long again. Ah well. Life goes on as they say. I hope Josh manages to get his car sorted soon though. I know what it’s like to be car-less…..

Speaking of which…I kinda miss Little Blue. Weird? Well…yes okay probably. But it’s strange for me to spend so much time without my little car to hand. When we were here over the summer, even though I’d go a week or so without driving anywhere, it was still there. I could see it and say hi every day. Yes that makes me a sad loser who greets their car in the mornings, but I love Little Blue. It’s just so odd not having it nearby. Gosh darnit I may just have to hug my car when I get home. Oh go on, judge all you want. I don’t care. I can take it.

I’d like to be able to say that the house is quieter without the boys around. But that would be a lie, because the residential campers are up for dinner. They’re currently rehearsing a Halloween play that they’re putting on for us on Wednesday I think. So far I think it involves a lot of screaming and door slamming. That’s all I can really hear over my music anyway! They do make me laugh though. The energy they have is ridiculous. It’s constant jabbering and leaping about the place and changing topic faster than you can snap your fingers. Honestly. I swear I was never this totally out of control when I was a teenager. But then I never did camps like this. If I had, maybe I’d have been just as loopy.

I also realised today that I forgot to pack my camera charger! So I shall have to conserve my battery life more than originally planned. Damnit. No video logs this time I’m afraid. Well, maybe just one or two short ones. Depends how we feel I guess. So far every evening we’ve come back, we’ve just been shattered and wanted to curl up in the corner and sleep. Making a video just seems like so much effort. Plus, it would involve putting our very tired and slightly windswept faces on camera. And I’m not entirely sure the world is quite ready for that!

Joke time!

“What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?”


Love it!


Any thoughts?

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