Heart and Soul

Please please please?!

Tonight I am praying for an early night. I am SO tired. Every time I’ve planned to go to bed early and get a nice big lot of sleep, we’ve ended up staying up late and socialising with the girls and other guests. Which, don’t get me wrong, has been good fun. It’s just that I’m starting to struggle a little bit. The fact that I got completely soaked and freezing cold again today doesn’t help. And that my arms feel like they’re constantly being ripped off thanks to Buddy leaning so immensely heavily on my hands. Honestly, that horse! Trouble is, pushing him on and making him carry himself only works if you don’t have little ponies walking behind you who struggle to keep up! Which, obviously, I did. So my arms are suffering.

The residential campers are off to the Halloween Howl festival in Kenmare tonight. Tillie and I have been given the option to go with them but in all honesty, I for one am just too tired. I don’t think I can handle the dark and the rain another late night. My contact lenses have been playing up lately as well, making my eyes feel all tight and dry. Which hurts and causes my vision to go a bit blurry. Less than ideal! Sight is a handy thing and extremely underrated. You don’t realise how valuable it is until you struggle with it. I have always appreciated being able to see, because I’ve always had to pay for it! Literally.

Having lent my laptop to the girls last night so that they could all check their facebook etc, I have ended up with a series of photos of them all after they discovered my webcam. They also decided to take photos on their phones of my desktop background….odd girls! Here’s one of my favourites of the girls though, they are a great bunch of kids – just a little over-excitable.

This is the bunch of girls that have been running us ragged this week! They look sweet enough, but I promise you, they can talk faster than you’d ever imagine possible and all at once and oh my god! Crazy.

I didn’t do any proper riding today in the end. We had plans. Big plans. But then it rained an awful lot and we all ran out of energy. I was going to school Apollo and really get him listening to the rider’s aids by any means necessary. I was also going to do some flat work with Cleo and help her stop fighting the bit. She works in an outline beautifully, but I think that’s only because she spends most of her time being pulled into a shape rather than being allowed to work herself into one. But, I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I took out a trek with Keli (during which Buddy wrenched my arms off) and got utterly drenched. I lost feeling in my butt. Again.

I also got a lovely greeting this afternoon from Andy, one of the coasteering guys who works here. He and Athos and Ripley are off to the Howl this evening to up publicity for their coasteering sessions, so he walked into the kitchen at the centre and gave me a massive hug. It’s always nice to get a greeting like that; to know you made enough of an impression to be remembered. Makes me smile. Obviously, it helps if it’s a good impression you’ve made, but when someone is pleased to see you, that’s generally a safe enough assumption to make.

There’s very little else to say about today other than that I still love Sparky. Honestly, truly, he’s such a gorgeous pony. I just had to take another photo with him. I think we make a very cute couple. He’s definitely coming home with me! Who needs clothes? I’ll have a Sparky in my suitcase.

Apart from the fact that I am physically falling apart a little bit, I still love the fact that I can come and live in this place and be greeted by those mountains every morning. I am aware of the fact that I’ve been taking endless pictures of the view, but I just can’t help myself. I absolutely love it and feel so very lucky to get to spend time in an area this beautiful. It doesn’t make much sense to a lot of people, but I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for beautiful things.

Nature has a hold on me too. So beautiful views and landscapes will always have a certain magic for me. When I’m feeling drained and broken, I only need to sit and absorb a wonderful view to feel that bit better again. Because it gives something to my heart and soul and lifts my spirit. So I may have been soaked more times than I care to remember and ended up colder and more uncomfortable than I thought possible, but by looking out over the mountains I remember that it’s not the end of the world and I might just survive all that weather related nonsense.


Any thoughts?

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