That Time Again

 Once again we find ourselves preparing to leave Ireland.

We’ve not been here as long this time, so I suppose we’re not quite as emotionally compromised when it comes to leaving. I doubt there’ll be the same soggy t-shirts and track marked cheeks that there were on the day we left in August. I still need to actually pack my bag, but I really don’t want to. I just hate packing!

Our last day on the yard was fairly decent. We entertained the pony campers by playing some pony games this morning. They were all allowed to ride bareback. We also decided to make all of the ponies look beautiful and plait them up. I took on the beast that is Tonto and made him look pretty. He was less than impressed at the whole process.

We also took the remaining campers out for a trek after lunch which ended up with Keli having to throw some serious discipline at one of the ponies who had decided to try rearing and bucking rather than going over the cross country jumps. What an idiot of a pony. My lovely horse, Skelatchi, was the opposite being so keen to jump (once he finally locked on) that he leapt 6ft over the relatively small jumps. Honestly! That horse thinks he’s a racer half the time. I do love him though. He popped his head up and greeted us as we walked down to the house on our way home. Cutie.

There was a lovely sunset this evening. I do like a nice sunset. The fact that it was in gorgeous mountain scenery only makes it better.

We had to say goodbye to Keli this evening though, which was quite sad. She’s so awesome. I do love that girl. We had a massive hug, Tillie, Keli and myself. So much love on the yard this evening.

So it’s an early night for us tonight as we’ll be leaving quite early tomorrow to get to the airport in time to check in and such. Then it’ll be up up and up we go for another super exciting flight, this time in the opposite direction. My lovely Mum will be meeting us at the airport and taking us back up to the Shire just in time for me to finish off one of my assignments and be plunged straight back into college on Monday. Crazy shit.

It’s been nice to be here, and have some time away. It’s been quite physically demanding, but I think that’s because we packed in a lot in a short space of time which made it quite intense. Seeing familiar faces and spending time with brilliant people has made it worthwhile though. I’d have made the trip for the view alone. I love it that much.

I’ll be back again, of that I have no doubt. Also, I promised Keli.

So, until the next time Ireland.

Stay beautiful.


Any thoughts?

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