Home Again Home Again

Jiggety Jig.

I can’t remember the rest of that rhyme. I know there’s something about a fat pig, and then the other verse is about a hog. That’s all I’ve got. I didn’t have anything to do with pigs or hogs at all today, but I did come home. Therein lies the relevance.

We left Eclipse around 8.15 this morning in probably the worst rain I’ve seen all week. The journey to Cork was relatively painless although I could hear Tillie in the back trying to stop Ruth from singing “100 bottles of milk on the wall” while I chatted to Athos. She did not succeed in stopping her. Ruth managed to get all the way to “8 bottles of milk” before Athos cut in with “STOP”. Poor girl. She was so close to a complete run.

We had just enough time to grab a quick cup of coffee with Athos in the departures lounge before dashing off through security to catch our plane. The flight went without a hitch and a strong tailwind meant it was over pretty quickly. Once again…I LOVE FLYING. Yeeeeah. We had clear beautiful blue above us, sunlight blazing through the windows, and phenomenal, magical, impossible cloud shapes beneath us. Stunning.

After waiting what seemed like forever to reclaim our bags, my mum met us at the arrivals gate and drove us back to Malvern where we were greeted by three grinning dogs, my lovely dad and a bowl of hot shepherds pie each. Fab! I then drove Tillie back to her house and journeyed back home, totally ready to crash out. It had started getting dark by the time I left Tillie’s so I took it slowly and just enjoyed driving Little Blue again. Music and my little blue bubble of happy space. I enjoyed that drive very much actually. Nice to get back to myself a little after a very, very busy week.

I liked being busy. I feel much more productive when my days are so full that my legs ache by the end of them. Shows I’ve been working hard. But it was certainly nice to have 45 minutes of peace and time to myself. My house seems very quiet tonight. Ben is out at a party, so it’s me and my parents. And the dogs of course. I squeezed Ruby pretty tight earlier. She grumbled and mumbled but I know she loved it really.

I’m glad we went back to Eclipse. It was so lovely to see Athos and Anita again, and Keli. Working on the yard was easy this time because we knew exactly what we were doing and there were no worries about “how am I ever going to remember all of these horses names and where they go?” The campers were mostly familiar faces, and although they were cheeky at times, they’re nice girls so working with them was (on the whole) a pleasure. And, of course, waking up to those mountains every day made me smile without fail. It was definitely a worthwhile trip. I know I’ll have learnt something from it, even if I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet. Maybe it’s just an increase in tolerance and patience. Could be to do with my understanding of working horses after focusing so hard with Skelatchi. Or maybe it’s just that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. After all, I did just survive a pretty intense week in pretty diabolical weather.

And how could I forget the boys. It was great to see them again as well. I’ve missed the easy going friendships and casual humour they provide. They never fail to make me laugh, even if it’s just because they’re such idiots. Seeing Sonny in particular was lovely. I hadn’t been expecting to see him at all, so it made the trip even more worthwhile and added something extra. It meant a lot to me, to get to see him again and I will continue to miss him now that I am home. It is unpleasant to be back in the state of not knowing when I’ll see him again. I think I may have grown up or come to terms with it or something though, as I have nothing like the same desperate emotional pathetic stuff going on that I had after the summer. Maybe I’ve just managed to “get a grip” as they say.

I intend to have the mother of all lie ins tomorrow. It’s going to be beautiful. Unfortunately I still have to get up at some point, as I have an assignment to finish off for college on Monday. It shouldn’t take me more than an hour to polish off though, so hopefully I can spend the rest of the day just recuperating, ready to charge back into the fray bright and early on Monday morning.

After a week with six 12/13 year old Irish girls, nothing can phase me. And the mud at college has nothing on Eclipse’s bog patches. So I’m pretty much set for winter!

Right at this moment though all I’m really ready for is bed. Sleep sleep sleep.

Sweet dreams.


Any thoughts?

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