Good Feelings

Two things.

1. Good Music.

I spent a fair bit of my time today trawling through old songs that I used to love, back in the day. They brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad, from my Uni days and had me dancing away in my room. It was interesting to find myself associating each song with different nights out and different years. I remembered what club I was in when I first danced to it, who I was with and even what we were drinking (most of the time). I also remembered most of the words. I don’t care that this music is several years old…for me it means something and I still like it. So, I’ve downloaded 28 new songs to my phone. I’m gonna be raving it up on my journey to college tomorrow. Epic happy face.

You can judge me all you want. I like that song, and will continue to play it. So there.

2. Good Clothes.

I felt like a girl today. A real girl. Because rather than throwing on the standard jeans, top and jumper that I’ve been living out of lately, I decided to actually choose some clothes. I have so much that I don’t wear nowadays. That’s mostly down to the fact that my lifestyle choice means I need to wear warm, practical clothing because I’m outside getting dirty all the time. But on the days where I don’t have to muck out a stable or run up a hill through thick mud, surely I can wear nice things? Yes, I can. I think I’d just forgotten how much I enjoy wearing good clothes. I’ve always felt better when I dress nicely; simple things make me happy. So I dug out my red skirt (I used to live in this thing) and a belt and a shirt and suddenly the day looked pretty awesome.


I even wore jewellery today. I always wear a necklace, but I actually put in some earrings (so my ears are going to hurt tomorrow), a bracelet and some rings. Check it out! I’m a woman after all…not just a crazy horse person. The fact that I didn’t leave the house apart from to put the chickens to bed is irrelevant. I didn’t dress nicely for any reason other than because I wanted to.

Maybe it’s because I never do anymore, but I have been getting the urge to wear some heels recently. Only trouble is, I’m not sure I’d be able to walk in them anymore. I’m so used to wellies and riding boots that anything higher would probably result in a faceplant. Also, I don’t have anywhere to go that would call for nice shoes. College is not the place, nor is work. And, sad as it is, those are about the only places I actually go. Maybe on my days off I should start wearing nicer things just for the hell of it. I’ve got so many nice clothes and beautiful shoes that just sit in the dark, crying out to be remembered. Maybe I’m too careful, too practical. God damnit, have I become too sensible?! Heaven forbid. I can’t have that. I used to wear four inch heels to lectures just because I could. I’d spend the entire day in my house, dressed as if I was going on a date, just because I wanted to look nice. What’s happened to me? Jeans and jumpers? Oh my. Tragic.

 Apart from listening to old music and rummaging through my wardrobe wishing I could wear things all at the same time, I also managed to finish off a college assignment and eat some cake. My dad made a gorgeous soft ginger cake this morning. I woke up to the smell of it cooking. Beautiful! I’ve been everso good though and only eaten one piece. So far.

I’m actually going to be a little more careful about how much rubbishy food I eat in the coming weeks/months. Winter is the worst time of year for me when it comes to looking after myself. The cold and the dark makes me just want comfort food. I’m very fortunate to have the genetic make-up that I do and to have chosen such an active lifestyle. Without those I think I would definitely be a weeble (as mentioned in a previous post). This winter I’m going to make some effort I think, and be more aware of what I’m eating. It’s so easy just to binge on comforting foods that make me feel warm and happy. And while I don’t tend to put on weight or anything (active lifestyle, good genes blah blah) it still can’t be good for me to put that much processed or sugary stuff into my body. Especially when I’m trying to help my skin get better and keep my energy levels up and keep strong. So…watch out winter. I’m on to you!

Tomorrow will see me back into the mental world of college, assignments and driving hither and thither with Little Blue. I’ll be back to work (booo) on Wednesday night and the routine will settle upon me once again. It’s so close to Christmas and all that goes with it. I mean, seriously, when did November get here? I have really not be paying attention lately. In the next month and a half, my parents will be off to visit my brother at Uni, I will be seeing the lovely Jenni, I will have a few college duties, I am hoping to be able to visit my brother at Uni as well as fitting in a visit to my Grandpa at his Stroke rehabilitation Unit. It’s going to be a busy time. Somewhere in the middle of all of that I need to find enough money to get Christmas presents for my family and friends, do all my college assignments, go to work and not flood my car. Maaaaan. Christmas is going to hit me between the eyes before I have a chance to defend myself. And then I’ll be seeing the beautiful Kat, my brother will be turning 18, and then it’ll be 2014 and I’ll have to start a brand new year. Jeez.

How am I going to find time to draw breath?! I actually can’t believe it’s less than two months until 2014 starts. What the fuck?! How did that happen. I swear it was July only the other day. Oh man.

Time, you tricksy blighter you.


Any thoughts?

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