What Could Be Better?


At the end of a cold and wet day at college, followed by an interesting trip to Sainsbury’s during which I earned myself a lot of weird looks by wandering around in my mud covered jodhpurs stinking of horse, I arrived at Tillie’s in the dark. Still damp from my continual soaking throughout the day, I changed into my pyjamas immediately. When I came back into the kitchen, Tillie had already made me a cup of tea. How sweet is she.

We then started cooking. Between us we made a potato, spinach and chickpea stew/curry. It was a rather entertaining process beginning with some “blender dancing” from Tillie:

With me somehow ending up having to sit on the floor because my legs gave way due to uncontrollable giggling (I don’t remember why):

And culminating in this beauty of a dish. Mmm it was tasty foods! Hot and fully flavoured (although maybe a little heavy on the coriander) but super yummy. Team Awesome strikes again! Oh yeah.

College was okay today, despite the rain and the cold. We were pretty on the ball with the yard work etc, so it wasn’t too stressful. I had a pretty good ride as well. My pony for today’s session was the lovely Midge. She’s a sweet mare, I do like her. At first she was incredibly unwilling and I could actually feel her trying to ignore my leg aids. She did listen eventually though and once I’d woken her up a bit, she started working quite nicely. We had some lovely trot work where she started coming beautifully soft and round for me. It took a little while for her to start developing any inside bend properly as she was quite stiff to start with but we got there.

She took quite a lot of encouragement to actually open up in her paces actually which I found quite interesting. Most horses require a considerable bit of pulling back together when you start working them and yet Midge was so tight and choppy with everything she did, I had to work really hard to get her to release and stretch herself out a little. The first time we went into canter, I wasn’t even sure she had; her strides were that short and choppy. After a few tries I finally managed to get her to lengthen her strides and actually canter rather than hopping along like a lame duck. There was such a huge difference when I finally felt the stride pattern change. Her real canter is rather nice to ride.

I got some good transition work from her too. Which made an enormous difference to how responsive she was. Trot to halt and halt to trot really helped. She wasn’t keen, but she’s a genuine mare so she did what I asked. And she did work well in the end. So I felt like I had a pretty successful riding session.

Becky and I also went through the internal organs, focusing on the digestive system, with Sonya later on in the afternoon. That was pretty cool, especially as we were actually able to remember most of it. My poor little brain was working overtime trying to remember the names of everything. I was stood there at point going “THE THING, THE THING….IT’S THE THING!” clicking my fingers and gesturing wildly. Sonya and Becky just watched me in bemusement while I frantically searched my brain for the words I knew were in there. “CARDIAC SPHINCTRE” I suddenly yelled, remembering the words. Sonya grinned at me, laughing at my excitement at remembering what it was called. Oh yes. I was on the ball today!

So all in all, I’ve had a pretty good day. Apart from losing feeling in my hands. But that’s totally beside the point. Here, watch this:

Feeling good? Not enough? Okay fine…watch this too:

There. Now I KNOW you’re feeling on top of the world. Just like me. Tomorrow is a day for Megan and Tillie to go adventuring again. We’re not quite sure where yet, but we’ll definitely be adventuring in some way or another. And in the evening….gingerbread soufflé. Ohhhhhhh yes! That’s going to happen. Nom.

Goodnight my lovelies, and sleep well. Or, good day and have a wonderful day indeed. Depending on where you are in the world.

And remember, you are totally awesome. Never forget that or let anyone make you feel otherwise.



Any thoughts?

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