Pyjama Up!

Before I go any further…

Just take ten minutes out of your day and watch this. The rest of your day will be that much better for it, I promise you.

Okay. Now you’ve done that and are feeling seriously content with the world and seeing how beautiful everything is, I’ll tell what you want to know. The gingerbread soufflés were not a total disaster. Unfortunately we realised far too late that the recipe didn’t actually tell us at which point we were meant to add in the sugar…so we guessed. Which probably accounted for the severe lack of “floofing”. It wasn’t bad…but we needed maybe more ginger, significantly more ‘floof’, and custard would have been nice. But apart from that, we did okay. My favourite part was preparing the soufflé dishes. I had to grease them with melted butter and then shake sugar around in the insides to coat them. It was sparkly. Happy days.

We also took a trip into Hereford this afternoon. I haven’t actually been into the city properly for years. It took a while but I did finally start to get my bearings. I was looking for jeans. Maaan that was a task and a half. You see, I oh so cleverly forgot to pack any jeans which meant I was slightly stuck for clothes to wear to college on Monday. “Not to worry” I thought, “We’ll pop into Hereford and I’ll pick up a pair nice and cheap”. PAH. I forgot how much I hate the general public. I’m also crazy picky when it comes to clothes, so I must have tried on about twenty different pairs of jeans and finally found a pair that I decided would “do”. I’m not sure whether I like them or not, but at least I’ll be decent on Monday!

This morning Tillie made me watch “Lilo and Stitch” because I’d never seen it. It was quite cute, I did like it. Not a patch on my favourites though. We had something of a pyjama day, until the trip into town that is. It was pretty awesome, I have to admit. And when we returned from town, we pyjama-ed straight back up again!! Oh yes. A very good feeling indeed.

I felt beautifully refreshed this morning actually, for the first time in ages. I must’ve slept well. Can’t say that’s been happening lately either. I keep waking in the night and struggling to get back to sleep. It’s either too hot, too cold, or my brain will not shut up! And then my alarm goes off and I’m all cranky and slow. Not the best start to the day really. But last night I slept right the way through. I actually woke up in the same position I last remembered being in before falling asleep. So I must’ve slept deeply! I’m quite a mobile sleeper on the whole. I tend to shift around a lot and throw my limbs around. I’ve hit people a fair bit. Tillie has been elbowed in the eye…twice….and poor Jenni, oh gosh. Well I only went and whacked her straight across the stomach with my forearm in my sleep. Poor girl. So yeah…last night was a good night for me. Winner.

Speaking of which….I’d better go throw myself at that wonderful land of sleep once again. College day tomorrow and I think it’s going to be a busy one.

As a last note. 


Any thoughts?

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