It’s The Journey

In this case, it really was!

I had, quite possibly, the best drive home from college ever today. The road stretched out in front of me, completely empty. Little Blue was more than happy to open up and take full advantage of the clear road. And the sunset in my rearview mirror was simply stunning. In fact, at one point I almost forgot to pull away from a junction because I was so utterly transfixed by the incredible light the sunset was casting over everything. The whole of my car was transformed into molten gold, this gorgeous deep warmth of colour just bathed everything in front of me. I couldn’t stop myself from grinning with pure joy at it all. Fan-bloody-tastic.

I was actually hit with totally unbridled delight driving home. Something in me just totally snapped and I spent most of the journey grinning like a total idiot for no real reason whatsoever. I could just feel this huge happiness coming from somewhere and throwing all those niggly little things into shadow. Whatever the reason, I’m glad it happened, because I felt so very wonderful.

College today was nothing particularly exciting. We didn’t ride as there wasn’t time to do that and complete another test card for the BHS Stage One Progressive tests. And we all agreed we’d really like to get these progressive tests under our belts and done. So we went through test four instead of riding. I was a bit torn actually, as I really did want to ride, but getting these test cards done will be so beneficial to me that I forced myself to look at the bigger picture.

I also spent an hour or so helping the vet sort out a few of the horses. I mostly just held the horses for her while she did her thing, but she did talk to me about what she was doing and why, and I asked a fair few questions of my own as well. Poor old Foxy got sedated again; second time in three days. Because he’s such a funny old stick, he panics at basically everything. And he needed to have his teeth rasped…Yeah, like that was going to happen without sedation! He wouldn’t even let her go near him with the gag without being doped up. Silly horse. Even with the sedative he was slightly reluctant, but he physically couldn’t do anything about it because his body wasn’t able to respond to his brain. Bless. The fact that he was also sedated on Wednesday so that he could be clipped was probably still fresh in his mind. Ah the traumas of life. He seemed to have perked up again by the end of the day and certainly had no issues sharing my apple with me.

So apart from the fact that I now only have two test cards left to complete until I get my BHS Stage One and that I learned a couple of new things from the vet, I didn’t really do an awful lot today. Certainly nothing to be so ridiculously overjoyed about that I end up grinning my face off all the way home.

I guess sometimes life just gives you joy. I suppose I ought to take it and be glad that I felt it really. Because as so many people keep reminding me, life is all about the feels. Not that I really go in for that stuff, I tend to just take the piss out of others for it. The odd moment of joyful feel is probably good for me though I suppose.

It probably has more to do with the fact that I’ve started taking Vitamin D to counteract the negative impact winter has on me than anything else.
I think I’m supposed to be a naturally happy person, I just get grumpy when there’s no sunlight. On days where those rays hit me, I feel glorious, even if I’m standing in a stable up to the elbow in a horses mouth. And while part of that is the warmth and the light the sun gives, some of it is also to do with the fact that sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D in the body. Without which, people tend to feel miserable and off colour. So my little brain got to working and realised that supplements through winter might just about save everyone around me. Yup! A packet of tablets is a small price to pay for my own sanity, and the lives of the people I spend time with.

Hurrah for Vitamins and Minerals.


Any thoughts?

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