You bet I am!

Saturday, I applaud you, you have outdone yourself. I am suitably impressed. I mean, I probably couldn’t have asked for a nicer day really. I am happy. Thanks.

This morning (after a less than well timed start) I picked up the lovely Jenni and we went for a catch-up coffee in town. I haven’t seen her in ages as she lives and works in London these days, so it was lovely to get the chance to sit and chat with her for a couple of hours. We talked about all sorts really. I regaled her with my love for Sparky, which had her in fits of giggles while questioning my sanity at the same time, and she told me about her new managerial role which sounds oh so very grown up and posh and all sorts. It’s so strange to think she’s the same girl I went to school with. And now she’s a manager in a big company heading meetings and all sorts. Apparently she doesn’t wear her dinosaur necklace when meeting clients. I don’t understand why.

After buying tasty things in Waitrose (not all for me you understand) I headed home and spent the afternoon being creative and old fashioned. I enjoyed it very much and felt quite content with the world. In fact I got so caught up in my writing that I forgot I was meant to be sorting my bags out to head over to Tillie’s.

I got my head back on track eventually though and had a rather pleasant drive over. It was getting dark, but I caught the end of the sunset (again) which was spectacular (again). At one point, the road completely empty apart from me, it felt like I was actually driving off into the sunset. It was a pretty awesome moment to be honest. And as I drove towards that beautiful sky, dusky blue merging with streaks of orange and gold with pink tendrils reaching out into the clouds, a thought popped into my head. “I have a bloody good life”

It’s true. I do. To be honest, most of us do. I think we should remember it more often.

In other news. It was the Dr Who 50th Anniversary special tonight. It was okay I guess…
Who am I kidding? It was bloody brilliant. I loved it. Clever and marvellous and dramatic and poignant. Beautiful. I love the music, always have, always will. A lot of things that really give me that feeling of “wow that was amazing” come down to the soundtrack. ‘Last of the Mohicans’ is one of my favourite films, not least because the music is so phenomenally powerful. Dr Who has always had that iconic sound, mixing drama and tension and mystery with explosions and friendships and hope. There were moments in tonights episode that had tingles going down my spine and others that had me smiling in appreciation of just how fabulous a creation the Doctor really is.

The subtleties within it are amazing too. Tiny little details that sometimes you only notice on the second, third, fourth re-run (you can bet this episode will go through those on my laptop…) And sometimes things you see but don’t realise you’ve seen until later on. You suddenly go “oh my god, I just realised…” and then you’re so proud of yourself for keeping up with the Doctor. I think there is that child in me that always claps her hands with glee when she’s right about something. My instincts made my brain think on several points throughout the episode (which I won’t mention as I know some of my friends haven’t seen it yet) which later turned out to be correct. I sat there feeling smug for a while before realising that the only reason I was so pleased with myself was because I felt like the Doctor would be proud of me for working it out so quickly. And of course, he’s not real. But there’s that little girl in my head who wishes he was. Who wishes that she could be the one he decided to whisk off into the Universe and save the world with.

I think that about sums it up really.



Any thoughts?

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