Spatial Awareness

Go team super awesome stackers!

The highlight of my day is going to make me sound like something of a loser. But I’m going to be honest with you, I’m still proud!

Sonya took Tillie and myself off down to the farm today to collect some bales of shavings as we’d run out. Unfortunately we only had a landrover in which to transport said bales, which meant we weren’t going to get very many back at all. So we opened up the back of the landy and started hefting in the bales. Once we’d managed about four we suddenly stopped and looked at the landrover. “If we shift that one over there, put one there, two there lengthways, another one there and a couple like this, we could definitely get ten in there…” Between us we somehow managed to defy all of our own expectations and work in a very logical manner to fit ten bales of shavings in the back of the landrover. It was a thing of beauty I tell you.

Oh what a feat of spatial awareness. I’ve never considered myself to be particularly good at that kind of thing. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw exactly how these bales should fit in. It was a proud moment for all of us when the door closed. Of course then we had to get them out again at the other end. More energy. Urgh!

Apart from that I didn’t do much of note today. We didn’t have a chance to ride as Sonya was inundated with riding school lessons. Which was a shame as I would have liked to have sat on a horse today. Sonya’s a fair woman though and she told us we could finish early if we got the yard work complete in time. Which we did, no problem. There were only three of us in today, with Vicky overseeing things (in between dying) and Sonya teaching. But it was easy to be honest. We got things ticking along quite nicely.

I did have a moment on the way back to Tillie’s where my heart jumped into my mouth. Tomorrow it is a year ago to the day that I flooded my old car. Which was a terrifying, distressing and cold experience. And something I do not wish to go through again. It was also embarrassing, humiliating and totally stupid. But, enough on that. Earlier in the day I had remarked on how I couldn’t believe it was a whole year since then. “I’m not going to repeat the event” I declared.

So when driving along this lane heading back to Tillie’s I rounded a corner to find the road covered in water you can bet my brakes have never been slammed on so hard. Little blue screeched to a halt and I sat there, gripping the steering wheel, starting out of the windscreen. Tillie looked at me sideways and said “Ummm okay, so the road’s a bit wet” to which I replied “Nope, that’s not happening.” Handbrake on. I almost turned the engine off. Tillie ended up having to get out and wade through in her wellies to see how deep it was. Turns out it wasn’t deep at all. It barely even reached her ankle. Which I could actually see myself from the car, but that didn’t stop me being totally gripped by sudden fear of repeating last years debacle. Hell no! Eventually I got a grip and very slowly crawled through in first gear.

Oh dear. What a thing. I’ll tell you what that has shown me though. I’m sure as hell not as cavalier about things as I used to be. In fact, having experienced driving into a flood, the sheer panic that threatened to overwhelm me on coming across that small one today was insane. I hadn’t expected to be so affected by it to be honest.

What a wimp huh?!


Any thoughts?

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