Wiped Out

Even short days can be too long!

Couple the crazy cold conditions outside with the fact that my acupuncture treatment last night has left me completely drained of all energy and you’ve probably got the measure of how it’s going for me today.

Sure, it sounds wimpy. Maybe it is. I don’t care. I literally do not have any energy. I was feeling okay when I started out this morning, but suddenly I was hit by this total drain of everything. I know it’s mostly to do with the acupuncture Di-Di gave me last night. My shoulder has been causing me considerable pain recently and I finally relented and allowed her to give me a treatment. She started off by massaging it to find where the pain was originating from. She then realised that there was more going on than my shoulder issues, finding points along my arm that related to my lungs.

Which makes sense given that I’m still (for fucks sake) in the process of recovering from what was definitely a chest infection of sorts. There is obviously some residual stuff still moving through, given that I’m maintaining a cough (hoorah) and my voice is still somewhat husky and tramp-man like. So I ended up receiving treatment for that as well.

In the end I was sitting on the floor with six needles sticking out of my body. Some for my shoulder, and some for other stuff. I didn’t really feel a lot of them although there were a couple that were definitely more tender than others. My muscles also ended up going a little crazy from keeping me sitting perfectly still for so long while the needles were in. It’s the strongest treatment I’ve ever had though, as I’ve only ever had one or two needles at a time before. Which is why I’m so incredibly wiped out today. I think my body has gone into shock from the release of tension.

And it was so cold. I went off to college okay this morning but soon realised I wasn’t going to cope with the day. While I’ve wanted to ride for the past few days, the thought of getting on a horse today just filled me with dread. I felt so drained that I thought I was more likely to fall off than anything else. So I took the decision to come back to the cottage early instead. Which means I still haven’t ridden through the dressage test for the competition we’re supposed to be doing. Oops. But I wasn’t down to rideĀ any of the horses I wanted for it anyway, so I don’t think I missed much.

Instead, I curled up in a blanket and all but passed out in front of films. I’m hoping all this wears off soon, because I do have things to be doing for the rest of the week. I can’t be going around all weak and pathetic.

So I have nothing horsey to report. Apologies for that. Once again you’ve had to read my rambling brain splats instead of anything interesting. Unless of course you happen to be amused by the fact that I looked significantly like a porcupine last night. I was almost as cool as this guy:

Yeah that’s right.


Any thoughts?

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