Hoovering In High Heels

I dare you to tell me it’s weird!

Actually, okay maybe it is a bit weird. But you know, I used tolive in high heels. I’d wear them to lectures and to run to the shop, not just on nights out. I love wearing heels. I love heels. I love beautiful shoes. I’m a woman, okay? Shoes are good.

Nowadays my feet find themselves confined to wellies, riding boots and my long winter boots. Practical, comfortable, and supposedly warm. Although wellies do absolutely nothing to keep my feet warm. Hence my request for yard boots from my parents for Christmas. Maybe a dull gift to some of you, but super exciting for me as it means I’ll have warrrrrm dry feet. Hurrah.

Back to the heels though. It was my day off today. The first stop of my day was to re-watch “The Day of the Doctor”. Why? Because we have an internet television and it seemed rude not to really. I entertained the thought of going out for a while, down to the retail park to get some gloves. But then I realised I simply couldn’t be bothered. While getting dressed, I tripped over my suitcase of shoes repeatedly and began to get increasingly frustrated with the blasted thing. Why do I have a suitcase of shoes? Well, since you asked…
My shoes live in a drawer under my bed. But the drawer broke a couple of weeks ago, so my shoes can’t live there anymore. And I do have an awful lot of shoes. So mum presented me with a suitcase and told me to put them all in there for now. Which means I now have something to walk into, stub my toe on and trip over at least three times a day.

After arguing with the suitcase for a while, I kicked it. Which hurt. And also resulted in several shoes falling out (it’s so full I can’t do it up so the lid just balances on top of the shoes). Instead of putting them back, I decided to put them on. After adjusting the feeling of being higher in the air than usual, I decided it might be fun to wear a pair all day around the house. So what if no-one could see me. It wasn’t for anyone to know other than me anyway. And now you, of course. So I picked out one of my favourite pairs and began the rest of the day by trying to pick up a pile of dirty washing and walk down the stairs with it. Please bear in mind this is the first time I’ve worn heels of this height in a very, very long time.

After putting the washing on, I hoovered through downstairs, helped all the while by the dogs. I say helped, what I mean is they panicked every time I came near them with the hoover and tried to run away but only succeeded in running towards me. Honestly. After that, I loaded the dishwasher, transferred most of the washing into the dryer and hung the rest out on radiators. I’ve also sorted the chickens out, but I wore Mum’s crocs to go down and do that. I didn’t want to ruin my shoes in the mud…or fall flat on my face!

So there you have it. I have rather successfully completed several household tasks, including hoovering, wearing 4 inch heels the whole time. Yay me.

I forgot how good it feels to wear shoes like this. Man, I felt so invincible all day. It’s reminded me of why I used to wear heels all the time. For some reason they make me feel like I could conquer the world. In the words of Marilyn Monroe;

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”

Yah huh. It doesn’t take much to make me feel like a girl again. Just some pretty shoes.
Happy face.


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