Some Things I Like

I have three things to show you today

The first is a picture of a dress I really really  REALLY want!! It’s totally lovely and pretty and oh man I love it and want it so bad. Unfortunately, I appear to have expensive taste, and at £120, it’s a bit much for me to justify really. Shame, because it’s so beautiful. I would just wear it around the house. And love it. Sigh.

The only way to soothe the pain of not owning this is to decide that it probably wouldn’t look that good on me anyway so it would be wasted. I think that is the only way I shall be able to reconcile myself to the fact that I can’t have this beautiful thing. God damnit. Why do I find things I want when I don’t have the money. And yet on the rare occasions I’ve gone looking for something like this, there’s never anything I like. Universe, I hate you!

 The second thing is this song. I like it, a lot. I don’t know why. I have it stuck in my head at the moment, but that’s okay. Because it’s a good song. Yup. Here.

And the third and final thing is this website:

It has had me totally cracked up for the past twenty minutes or so. Some of the stuff it has generated for me is hilarious. Seriously. I’m going to put in a few of my favourites, because they make me laugh so much. Mostly because it’s almost true, I could probably be accused of actually saying stuff like this:

“They’ve tried clothes before and let me know I went down in third year, but I need to look after them”

“Haha well here’s the thing, I could’ve done with my capabilities to save the evergorgeous Simon Gower”

“Shame. I was none too keen on now.”

“bugger bugger bugger bugger fuck.”

“Today = clean the kitchen while galloping up the bar. Ha!!!”

and one more…

“They’ve tried clothes in Ireland right?”

Honestly, it just amuses me so much.

So there you have it, three things that are on my mind today and that I like. I didn’t horse again today. I’m still feeling like I’ve had sledgehammers swung at me, and my head is a little bit all over the place too from the mental release acupuncture brings. I still wasn’t 100% sure of my ability to not slide sideways off a horse five minutes after mounting though, so I decided it was probably best not to even try. Hopefully Friday will bring together my physical ability and the opportunity to ride.

Okay…fine…just one more Meganbot thing…

“Man the next week might work out”


Any thoughts?

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