431 Minutes…

…and 7 cups of tea later.

I have spent the majority of the day on my bum. Watching Lord of the Rings. Yup. Best day ever. And of course, there’ll be nothing but the best in my world, so it’s special extended editions all the way which results in around 74 extra minutes of movie time. Hurrah.

So, after 431 minutes of movie, we’re going to save the last one for tomorrow. Because that one on it’s own is 250 minutes long! Crazy shit! So far we’ve spent a lot of our time giggling at Legolas’ background faces. Take the following example…

…and multiply it by every scene he’s in, and you’ll have a rough estimate of how many times we giggled. Honestly, he’s really very entertaining as a background character.

We’ve also enjoyed singing along to the score quite a lot. It’s seriously impressive music, and we murdered it.



Any thoughts?

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