Well That’s That Then

I’m almost sad it’s over…

That’s right, the Lord Of The Rings marathon is complete. They fought orcs..a lot…and Frodo whinged about a heavy burden…a lot. But we made it through to the other side. Oh, and so did they. Hurrah.

What’s good about the extended editions is that although you end up with a rather numb bum, the characters have a lot more depth to them. There’s a bit more backstory and development to each person, so you feel more involved. Well, as much as you can be with a fictional reality…

It was good though, of course. And I do so love the music. And Legolas’ ability to look ridiculous whenever he is in the background of a shot. The most poignant and dramatic moments were ruined, every time, by either me or Tillie muttering “I’m sensing something” in a dark tone. You don’t know what I’m talking about, and that’s fine. Nor do I really. We amused ourselves, no doubt about that. We even sang along again…

And the thing I found quite amusing? The whole time watching all three films, anytime there were horses involved I spent more time focused on them than the main characters. The clever horse doing flying changes while cantering through the woods because it was changing direction so many times and so quickly. Or the fact that they really shouldn’t be galloping those horses on the stone roads. Or how beautiful Shadowfax is. I mean…what a horse!

We also ended up in conversation about our own potential when it came to undertaking such an epic quest as the hobbits did. We soon realised that my talents, certainly, are limited to off the battlefield. I’d like to think I’d be able to be all badass and take everyone on and beat the shit out of the enemy…but in reality I’d just flail wildly, panic and get killed in the first five minutes. Either that or I would somehow manage to survive and wonder what the hell just happened. And everyone else would be like “what the fuck, how did you make it through that and the hero didn’t? You lucky bugger”

Much better for me to remain behind the scenes, planning and strategizing. Or, I could do the sweet-talking and spy work. I’m good at persuading people. Not that many of Sauron’s armies were particularly keen on negotiating things. They seemed to prefer the tried and tested, grab ax, run yelling unintelligible sounds, kill shit, method to warfare. Sigh. Looks like I won’t be off to save Middle Earth any time soon then. Oh well.

I also made a brief journey home today because, being the absolute numpty I am, I forgot to pack my fresh contact lenses which meant that I was trusting my previous pair to hold out beyond their time. Bit harsh, asking them to work overtime really. So I popped home and changed my eyes. I also snuggled my dogs and spoke to my parents for a bit. Tillie came with me, for the ride, and seemed slightly bemused by my Mum offering to buy her a super tasteful Christmas jumper. She’s ordered me one. It’s so cool. I’M SO EXCITED.

Please bear in mind it is super novelty. It’s not classy or sophisticated or tasteful at all. It’s novelty and hilarious and I love it. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can live in it until March. Yaaay. I’m going to leave you with that teaser for now. When I get it, I’ll take a picture so you can see. But you’ll have to wait. If I have to, so do you!!

It’s going to be worth it though.


Any thoughts?

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