It’s Official

Okay, relax, it’s okay now!

It is officially okay to get excited about Christmas now. Why? Because I have a festive jumper to wear and it’s put me in the mood for tinsel and baubles and lights and mulled wine and minced pies and fires and leberkuchen and all those other most wonderful of Christmassy things! Oh yes.

Putting all things festive aside for a moment, I feel I should inform you that my legs feel like they’ve been filled with lead! On Wednesday I jumped the little man; Jack. I haven’t ridden him in ages so I had forgotten just what a wide little pony he is. The second I got on, I realised I wasn’t going to be able to walk properly for the rest of the day. He’s SO wide. And his new saddle, comfy as it is (like sitting in an armchair, oh my god the comfiest saddle in the world) only serves to emphasise his breadth. So before we’d even started jumping, my poor legs were already feeling it. And then, of course, Jack decided he was a racehorse and broke into canter from walk, without me even asking. Several times. And every time he did so, Georgie shouted “push him on then, if he wants to canter, make him canter!”

It was a good lesson, and I learned quite a lot, but it’s killed my legs. My right one in particular. I think I may well have pulled a quad or something because I’m struggling a bit. It’s okay once I get going, but heaven forbid I should sit down and then try to move again…unthinkable!

So yesterday I kind of hobbled around a bit but achieved several things. I not only sorted out my tyres (finally) but I also pressure washed my car. Turns out, Little Blue is actually blue rather than a sort of grey/brown mud ball. So that was a thing that happened. I also went to the Post Office and bought some stamps, yes I know, super exciting stuff. I can’t help it, my life is full of these vividly thrilling moments.

Today was a good day though. We got morning yard work done in a somewhat leisurely manner but there were enough of us that it didn’t really matter. We then poo-picked over the road and realised that we’re all pretty awesome singers…I say awesome in the loosest possible sense of the word. We warbled away to various classics, each of us in a different key and none of us anywhere near in tune. It was good fun. On the way back we put the puppy in a wheelbarrow. As you do.

After lunch it was riding time. Woohoo. I saddled up my lovely boy, Mr Fox, ready for another jumping session. And once again, he was wonderful. I really do love that horse. In three months I’ve gone from not having ridden him at all  to jumping him over a 2’6″ spread. And, on top of that, I’ve found myself clicking with him in a way I’ve not had with any other horse. Pretty brilliant stuff really.

The jumping today went well. He had a brief panicky moment when he saw a couple of other horses walking past the top of the yard but I’d already committed to the grid by this point, so there was no going back. I just let him go over them and kept myself secure. Sonya remarked to me later on (after Tillie had thrown herself and Lucky through the grid despite a slight striding problem) that she was very impressed with the way we both committed ourselves fully to whatever we were doing and gave our horses that confidence. It was good to hear that she thought that was a good thing, as it tells me I’m doing something right with my general approach.

She was also extremely pleased with how much I’ve progressed just in the last week. Apparently I improved a lot from our lesson last Friday. She said “I don’t know what you’ve been doing this last week, but you’ve come on a long way already” I don’t know what I did to improve so much either, because I haven’t actually done anything different this last week. But, it turns out I’ve done something right by doing nothing! Yay me.

So, even though Fox threw a couple of more interesting jumps at me today, I kept myself balanced and secure in the saddle and did my best to give him the reins as we went over. He’s such a good boy, he really is.
I do love him.

Sonya seems pretty keen for us to continue jumping the same horses with her as Tillie and I both seem to click with the horses we’ve been riding. Which is cool with me. The more chances I have to ride Foxy Lox, the better in my book. I enjoy riding him, and I’m delighted that we work together over a jump as well as we do on the flat. The only downside is that it only makes me love him more and want to take him home. Sigh.

And to end on a cute-note…I put a hat on my dog last night. She’s so cuuuuuuute!


4 thoughts on “It’s Official

    • The saddle is a treeless one but I’m not certain of the brand. It’s like an armchair, although not ideal for jumping – quite hard to get the leg position right.

  1. Have you posted a photo of Fox for us? I may have missed it??
    Oh and love your sweater, we have something called “sweater saturdays” where the employees have to wear ugly christmas sweaters and encourage the clients to come dressed-up as well. Your sweater is sadly a little too cute for that specific purpose 😛

    • I don’t think I have a picture of Fox actually, good point! I’ll try and get one at some point.
      Thanks 🙂 I couldn’t not get it once I’d seen it. I intend to live in it until March. Sweater Saturdays sounds like a great idea though. I hope everyone gets into the spirit properly!

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