Dinner and Dressage

From too much food to none at all!

Having stuffed myself to the point of bursting last night, I ended up eating barely anything today. I’m not sure my stomach is really sure what the hell is going on.

Last night Tillie and I cooked dinner for ourselves, Becky and Emma. We gave them their marching orders; come dressed up pretty or we won’t feed you; and cooked up a storm. Tomato and caramelised red onion tarte tatin, spicy potatoes and a fresh salad with chicken for them and avocado for me. And then, chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream for pudding. Oh delicious food, how wonderful you were.

The tarte tatin was surprisingly successful to be honest! I wasn’t expecting it to turn out as well as it did. When the moment of truth came to pass, we all stood there not quite sure whether or not turning it out was a good idea. But I bit the bullet and did it anyway, and it was so worth it. Looked good AND tasted good. Mm mm mmmm.

My plate of food looked like this:

And everyone else’s looked similar except there was chicken instead of avocado on their plates. So yes, a rather lovely looking dinner. And, as instructed, Emma and Becky did dress up for the occasion. They both looked lovely, of course, and none of us even spilt food down our fronts! Impressive right?

In preparation for this great event I made pastry, all by myself, for the very first time. I was so proud of myself! It helps that I wore a cowboy hat the entire time…and why not?!

Apparently it was not appropriate to wear the hat during dinner though, so I had to change. Pyjamas and a Christmas jumper were not deemed suitable either according to certain people. So I actually dressed like a real girl for a change. Make-up and everything. I even thought about doing something with my hair, but then couldn’t be bothered. So I made do with brushing it.

And of course while I put finishing touches onto dinner, Tillie, Emma and Becky decided to dance around in the kitchen and pose stupendously. I did get a picture of the dancing but it was unfortunately rather blurry. So you’ll have to make do with this one instead.

Beautiful right?!

Onto today and my distinct lack of food. The college was running the second of the dressage competitions in the winter dressage league and we were a part of the running of it this time. Tillie and I began the morning as secretaries. This involved greeting competitors when they arrived, giving them their numbers and later on collecting the score sheets, adding up the scores and writing them on the big board.

Which was easy enough and it meant we were able to see how people were doing. We were also able to crack out some pretty awesome Christmas music to dance and sing along to. We were pretty on the ball with it, getting the scores up nice and quickly for people to see.
In the afternoon I had to dash off to write for the judge. Kelly judged the morning classes, and a lady called Helena came in to do the afternoon ones. She was very nice and I really enjoyed talking to her in between tests. I learned a fair bit from her during the hours we spent sitting in the Landy watching the tests.

It was, however, a rather long day and I didn’t really have time to sit and have lunch as I was secretarying until 12.50 and had to get into the Landrover and start writing five minutes later. So I just had to get on with it really and listening more attentively than I have in a long time to the person sitting next to me.

So I may be feeling somewhat sleep deprived due to a late night and early start but it’s been a good couple of days. I cannot wait to climb into bed though.

Only three days of college until I can have a lie in! Hurrah.

And so, I bid you adieu.
May you have sweet dreams and a happy tomorrow.


Any thoughts?

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