Railway Children

We had a moment.

If you’ve ever read The Railway Children, you’ll know what I mean. When Kat arrived at the station today we totally had a railway children moment. There was the couple of seconds of “where is she” and then the joyful recognition “oh, there she is, she’s here” and then the half run/walk up the platform to try and get to each other quickly but without looking like an absolute pillock sprinting along and knocking everyone over. And then the ultimate moment of grab and hug and hug and hug. Blocking the whole platform the entire time, of course.

Kat is here. I am happy. Life is good.
It truly filled my heart with warmth and joy to see her on the end of that platform. Words cannot describe how delighted I am to have her here. Re-connecting with old friends is just the best feeling. I have missed her so much, it’s so wonderful to catch up and just put the world to rights like we used to. In the good old days.

I am so tired. I do not know why. I think perhaps just the overwhelming joy of the past few days has been too much. I nearly cried when Fox went so beautifully yesterday. And I nearly cried when I hugged Kat today. All this emotion is not like me at all. I do not normally get overwhelmed. Jeez. What’s going on here?

I am so grateful to Emma for letting me having tomorrow off college. It was so sweet of her, and I am so pleased because it means I will get to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful friend, catching up on everything possible and having a lovely relaxed day. And tomorrow night we’re going out for dinner with Sarah too, so that should be a really nice evening. Can’t wait.

Super happy sleepy face.


Any thoughts?

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