Going Out For Dinner

I actually went out in public!!

For the first time in a long time I have gone out for a meal, in public, and had a really lovely time. The lovely Sarah came over this afternoon and the three of us went for dinner this evening at Ask.

Oh my it was delicious. We ate so much food! Kat was delighted with her meal:

We all were in fact. The food was totally amazing and it was so nice to sit and chat and laugh, like old times. We got the giggles countless times and went off on about a million random tangents during conversation. But it was so so lovely.

Pudding was definitely the highlight of the meal for all of us but given that it looked like this, who can blame us?
DSCF2590 DSCF2591

Mmmm cheesecake is SO good. I actually couldn’t finish mine, I felt truly pathetic but I just knew that if I ate that last little bit I would probably never move again. I feel full enough as it is, like I probably won’t be able to go anywhere very quickly for quite some time. Mmmmm. So full. So fat.

It was just such a lovely evening though. I loved getting to sit and catch up with Kat and Sarah and have a giggle and reminisce about Uni days. I’ve missed these girls a lot and I am so utterly delighted that I had the opportunity to see them and do this. They’re such beautiful brilliant people, I love them to bits.

I have had a very wonderful Monday.

Lucky me.


Any thoughts?

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