The Only Thing To Do

I love my family!

On days where you encounter shovel-loads of shit being thrown at you there is only one thing to do. Turn up the Christmas music and wear all the tinsel you can find.

Everything hit me very hard today and I came out of the other side feeling seriously beaten up and battered. And that’s never what you want.

I consider myself very fortunate to have the family I do. I don’t think they even knew how sad and rubbish and miserable I felt when I got home today, but somehow they knew how to make it better. Christmas music, decorating the tree and general silliness. It’s exactly what I needed to boost my spirits and make the day feel that bit less heavy. They’re a good lot. Having talked to them and explained that I’m feeling on something of a low, they were lovely and made me laugh again. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel better. They weren’t shouting things from the rooftops or making grand gestures; they just quietly made it clear that I had their support. Having an adult family is pretty awesome really.

The other thing that made my day was my lovely gift from my secret santa, Louise. She got me a really nice set of Joules soaps which are so beautifully presented I’m almost loathe to open them.

And it turns out that my dressage test with Fox wasn’t as abominable as I’d expected. My one on Tarzan was masses better of course, but I managed (somehow) to still get 4 marks for the cantering around and around the arena, leaving the marked area and nearly getting pitched over the gate. Angie was VERY kind. And, the marks reflected how I felt it went for the most part, which was reassuring. The free walk on a long rein particularly.



Any thoughts?

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