I might have to play it forever…

Go here and do this:

It’s….AMAZING. Aaaaaaah. I love giraffes see. So that game is basically the best thing I’ve ever seen. I could happily sit and play it for hours on end. Just, awesome. Yes.

It’s starting to get cold now. The wind has been picking up and blowing through my brain leaving it very numb. Fortunately we had quite a short day on the yard today as Eileen and Sonya had various places to go this afternoon so we finished at 3. We also got to go the staff Christmas lunch which was slightly awkward as we were only students there, but there was free food so…swings and roundabouts.

We didn’t ride today, but we’re getting a jumping lesson tomorrow I think, so that’ll be cool. And on a very sad note, the lovely Fox is being sold by his current owner. I wish, to the ends of the earth and back, that I could find the money to buy him myself. He was so darn sweet today and everything, greeting me with a gentle nicker this morning, nuzzling me when I went to say hi and turning to me for reassurance after a spooky incident during turn out. Just made it worse really. I hate to think of him going off somewhere and not being around anymore. Sad face. Unfortunately, I do not have any money to spare. Otherwise I wouldn’t think twice. Because I adore that horse.

I also know that my parents would buy him for me if they could. And if I wasn’t so aware of the fact that they just can’t afford it I’d be throwing the “but if you really loved me” at them. But then, I’ve grown past that stage. They haven’t got the money and nor have I. So some other lucky bugger will buy the horse I love.



Any thoughts?

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