I Was Hiding Under Your Porch Because I Love You

I have been rather remiss of late.

I do apologise, most sincerely, for my lack of blog contact over the past few days. I realise that I haven’t posted anything since Christmas Eve. What is the world coming to? I have, however, been somewhat pre-occupied with other things. I know you probably don’t believe me, but I really truly have. Honest. And I’ve thought of you, I really have. I’ve even come onto my blog page, ready to write something and then had to go off and do something else. So it’s not that I don’t care, I’ve just not had the time to show it properly…

It was Christmas, for a start! We had a lovely quiet Christmas in my house. Just my parents, brothers and me, with the dogs making appearances here and there. We drank champagne and ate pannettone for breakfast, exclaimed with joy and surprise over gifts and ate lunch at 4pm, after walking the dogs on a very quiet common.

I spent most of the day in my glorious Christmas jumper, just as one should! My present from my parents was not a surprise, as I was a part of the buying process having had to try them on first. But opening a box with a pair of beautiful Ariat boots in still held significant delight. Especially when that box also contains mallard wax for the leather and a boot-horn to help ease in my jodhpur clad legs. Fabulous.

All of the gifts I received this year were very thoughtful and lovely, and reminded me just how fortunate I am to have such a generous and considerate family. A theme did begin to emerge after I had opened gifts from Ben and from my dad’s parents though….a baking bonanza is going to hit my kitchen soon.

I may have mentioned my plans for world domination before; get everyone so fat that they’ll be physically unable to catch and oppose me. Thanks to my brother and grandparents, those plans are coming along wonderfully now! I hope you’re prepared to EAT CAKE. Oh. And I now own the most fantastic muffin cases known to mankind. I hope you’re ready for this:

I did not, however, find my lovely Mr Fox wrapped up under the tree for me. Obviously, that would have been perfect. But alas. I had to make do with my very first My Little Pony. Yup, I’ve never had one before. And I got way too excited, pulled her out of the packaging and started combing her neatly twisted mane immediately, resulting in the mother of all afros. On a plastic pony. Awesome.

On the days following Christmas, my family and I have been visiting people, dropping off Christmas cheer hither and thither. We went to Di-Di’s (the grandmother I stay with during term time) on Boxing day and had lunch with her. I learned that you can make kittens so dizzy they fall over, same as humans. I also learned that kittens don’t learn that, so they’ll keep doing it over and over again. Endless fun!
And yesterday, the 27th, we popped over for coffee with some family friends in their home. It was lovely to see them again, as we don’t see them very often these days and they’re such a nice family. They also managed to continue the baking theme by giving us all the kit and ingredients, plus a recipe, for some triple chocolate muffins. Including gorgeous coloured cases and a tray to bake them in. Brilliant stuff.

I also saw my lovely Jenni yesterday afternoon when she popped in for a cup of tea. It was so nice to sit and chat with her and reminded me of all the good times from way back when. We had a good old catch up, giggled a bit and decided I should definitely go down to London to see her soon. Bless her, the absolute darling that she is, when I expressed concern about affording anything she said she wanted to treat me to a weekend with her in London. What an absolute sweetie. I do love that girl.

And, to ice the cake as it were, I got to Skype with the ever charming Jeremy last night. We argued, at length, about whether cake or guitar was more essential to the world. I think I won in the end. But I laughed harder than I have in a while thanks to that lad. I had tears streaming at one point, during the “fat voice”, “douchebag voice” conversation. I think we also established that the only reason he wants to marry me is because of my fat voice. Or something like that. And apparently I’d make a good fat person. Which is true. I think his littlest sister might hate me though, despite not knowing me. She kept asking him to go and do something with her and every time she came back and found him still talking to me I could hear the annoyance getting heavier in her voice. Bless.

Which brings me neatly on to today. After a slow start (what, I’m on holiday, why should I get up?!) Angus and I made the brave trek into town. We had shopping to do you see, what with it being Ben’s 18th tomorrow. We had no idea where to start when it came to finding him something, but we’ve come home feeling quite happy with what we eventually decided to get. So huzzah for birthdays. Now I just have to wrap it…

All we have is Christmas paper…but Ben’s used to that. Bloody inconsiderate to be born this time of year if you ask me.

And now I have made up for my lack of contact, I can only apologise again for the lack of horse related details in this post. I haven’t come into contact with any (real) horses since Christmas Eve when I worked on the yard for four hours, helping Eileen sort things out after the bad weather. And I’m not due to do anything horsey until the 4th January now. So any posts between now and then will be distinctly lacking in equine adventures. To be honest, I’m unlikely to be having adventures of any kind over the next week. I have my brother’s birthday, and then it’s New Year and everything. And all that really means to me is that I’ll have to start writing 14 instead of 13 on things, and I’ve only just got the hang of it being 13 rather than 12. Jeeez.

I do hope that everyone has had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and food and good cheer.
And if I don’t post before, have a Happy New Year.

(hehe I made it rhyme)


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