Warm Feet

Oh my goodness!

I’ve been feeling extremely smug all day. I was able to ignore the fact that my fingers went purple with cold and continue humming away, because my feet stayed so very beautifully warm all day. I love my new boots. Oh the joy that comes from being able to feel one’s feet. I’ll grant you, it’s a strange thing to be happy about, but it is a seriously amazing feeling. Pun absolutely intended!

I discovered today that Fox likes banana. So did he, I think. Apart from that, I did a fair bit of real work. Lunged two horses as well. Midge was a star, although she did take off a little bit quick at first which meant I was crazy dizzy by the end. I actually stumbled over myself when I went to changed the line over and nearly fell into her. Awkward. Fortunately I don’t think anyone was watching…
I got some lovely transitions from her though. Really lovely. Later on I also lunged Lucky who was significantly less quick off the mark. In fact, he wasn’t keen to move at all. I ended up growling away at him, trying to get him going forward. He moved in the end and I eventually got some really nice trot out of him. When he stretched into the side reins and worked in a shape, he looked quite impressive. I was slightly surprised to see him looking so nice actually, as he’s a chunky cob; nothing beautiful. But he looked good.

I’ve been thinking today about various aspects of my personality. I think it’s probably because a part of my mind is constantly trying to work out what animal I am. But I realised today that I am becoming less apologetic as a person. I used to apologise for everything, to the point that I actually got told off for it by Kelly. More than once. “MEGAN STOP APOLOGISING” … “Sorry Kelly” …oops.

I don’t apologise so much these days. At least, not for things that I’m not actually sorry for. And I sure as hell won’t apologise for who I am or what I can do.  Whereas I probably would have done not that long ago. Screw that.

I’m not apologising for having warm feet when no-one else does either. Muaha. Cozy toesies. Win for me.

P.s. This!


6 thoughts on “Warm Feet

  1. Hey. I’m curious about what boots you have too? I thought my toes were going to fall off on a hack recently.

    • I have ariat windermeres. I haven’t ridden in them so have no idea of their effectiveness on horseback but on the yard they’ve kept my feet super toasty where wellies would have left me with numb feet. 🙂

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