Yuck, urgh and no.

Today was wet, and cold, and miserable. I got soaked through, cold into my bones and so totally fed up with everything getting wet that I all but gave up on the yard work. It was a killer of a day really.

I also got mucked about by a four year old cob. Little blighter kept breaking into canter and trying to take off with me. We got a couple of strides of gallop at one point; I felt her leg pattern change! She threw a couple of bucks in there as well. Because my back is still so sore, my initial reaction was to tense up and feel a bit worried about what she was doing. Fortunately, Eileen realised this and kept her focus on me the whole time, chatting away and reminding me to let go of that reaction and allow myself to relax into it and take back control. And I’m so grateful to Eileen for that, because once I managed to do it, the mare ended up working beautifully for me. And I mean seriously nicely! We stuck on a circle in the middle of the school because the track and bottom end are so boggy, and the canter gradually slowed down from “let’s see how fast my legs can move” to a lovely quiet canter with an even rhythm and nice level of softness.

Of course she then got tired and tried to break and drop into trot. But I wouldn’t let her, every time she started to slow up, I’d put my leg back on and ask her to carry on a little bit more until she was working so well that when I asked her to trot, she did it instantly. We then had a beautiful big trot going, with a lovely roundness in front and action behind. Oh just wonderful.

Then we changed the rein and had to play the same game all over again! Blinking mare. I was more prepared the next times though, so it didn’t phase me as much and we got back to the proper work much sooner because I didn’t tense or panic. It’s not that I was particularly nervous about what she was doing, it was more my instincts yelling “DON’T YOU DARE FALL OFF AGAIN, YOU’RE STILL INJURED FROM LAST TIME”. I knew that if I came off and landed hard, I’d end up making my current soreness even worse and I could really do without that! It’s bad enough as it is given that it’s been going on over two weeks now. So my self preservation (turns out I have got it after all) kicked in and I found it hard to ignore those instincts and allow my riding knowledge to take over. I got there in the end, but I don’t think I would have if it weren’t for Eileen’s guidance and encouragement.

We only rode for about half an hour. It was so wet and horrible, none of us wanted to be out there much longer; horses included. That’s why Tilly kicked off in the first place, and to be honest I don’t really blame her. We were getting pelted by the rain and the wind kept sweeping it at us in gusts, from different directions. Really vile.

We got the afternoon yard work done in record time though I think. Between Emma, Cha, Eileen and myself we mucked out sixteen stables, topped up the waters, distributed haynets, fed horses, changed rugs, cleaned tack and swept the yard all in just under two hours. Not bad going really!

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the sound of rain on the conservatory roof or the kettle boiling. That sounds weird. But it’s just the truth. I only mention it because I can hear the noise now and I’m trying to work out which one it is. I think it’s the kettle this time, but I don’t want to get excited because last time I ended up very disappointed.

Also, I have a crème egg in my bag that I forgot about.

How exciting!


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