It’s not always easy to think ahead.

There was a documentary on the television not long ago that showed how the human brain develops. They took scans of brains from people of different ages and explained why certain parts were different colours.

What my Mum and I found particularly interesting was the part that enables us to understand the long-term consequences of our actions and control our impulses. According to these scans, this part of the brain does not fully mature until we are in our twenties. This means that teenagers will take more risks and be less aware of what the consequences could be. Hence young people being more carefree and irresponsible than their elders.

According to that study, my brain is in the process of maturing that area. My ability to properly grasp the long term consequences of my actions is becoming more profound, as is my ability to control my various impulses. This means a number of things. It means I do not take as many risks; I will not drive my car through a small gap because although it might fit, there is also the possibility that it won’t; I hold my tongue more often than I let it loose because the things you say can come back to bite you on the arse; and I stop myself from going wild and crazy because I know I have other responsibilities to think about.

I am gradually becoming more aware of consequences, more responsible, and increasingly boring. But that’s just what happens with age.

That, however, is not my point.
Could someone please tell me, if I am learning to foresee the potential consequences of my actions, why I insist on riding horses?
Of all the things I could do that have the widest range of consequences, I choose to chuck myself onto the back of an unpredictable animal, place my trust in it, and hurl myself around on various shapes or over jumps. Often at speed. Could someone please explain what part of my brain is so incredibly defunct that I would think this a good option?!

Because according to the sciencey people, I should understand by now that the consequences of such actions could injure or even kill me and be able to control any impulse telling me to do such stupid things. My brain should tell me “no, Meg, that’s probably not the smartest idea you’ve ever had, let’s not do that.”

But is that what happens? No it is not. “YEAH LET’S RIDE A HORSEY YAY GALLOP GALLOP GALLOP” That’s what my brain says. What. The. Hell?

I think this basically proves that science is wrong.

That is all.

Unicorn over and out. 


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