I like…


I like making lists and ticking things off. I like organising things into categories and expanding on them….
(I like that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me from writing a blog post in that exact fashion.)

I like being alive

I like sunshine, and flowers and lying on freshly cut grass even though I know it’ll stain my clothes.
I like the Malvern Hills.
I like walking on them and looking across at the view from the top. I like reaching the top.
I like being strong and fit. I like being active.
I like summer days and summer evenings. I like looking at the stars.
I like watching my dogs run and jump and leap and bounce on the common. I like my dogs.
I like walking aimlessly.
I like driving Little Blue and turning my music up so I’m in my own little bubble.
I like cake.

I like my career choice

I like cleaning tack and the smell of leather soap, and how a horse looks when it’s all plaited up. I like plaiting horse’s manes and tails.
 I like riding horses, grooming horses, leading horses, cuddling horses, talking to horses.
I like horses.
I like the way I feel when I am on a horse. I like knowing things about horses.
I like being able to put my knowledge into practice, and get it right.
I like ariat boots and jodhpurs. I like wearing my horsey things and being warm and comfortable. I like my body warmer.
I like waking up and knowing I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.
I like being greeted by horses.
I like it when I know a horse trusts me. I like it when I know I trust a horse.
I like cake…and taking it to the yard to share with colleagues and peers.

I like comfort

I like the smell of bread baking.  I like warm fluffy towels after a shower, and a hot shower after a cold day on the yard.
I like poached eggs. .
I like gin and tonic, I like vodka, I like some whiskeys.
I like cakes and biscuits and chocolate. I like crumpets and muffins and soft bread.
I like goats cheese.
I like tea.
 I like curling up in my bed with a cup of tea.
I like socialising with good friends and the company of people I care about.
 I like a dry white wine and I like water.
I like waking up and knowing I don’t have anywhere to go.
I like cake.

I like who I am

I like being a country girl.
I like ducks.
 I like drawing and writing and reading. I like words. And I like pictures.
I like that I have so many photos.
I like my family, all of them. I like that I am friends with my parents, and with my brothers.
I like my friends.
 I like high heels and pretty dresses. I like wearing girly things and twirling my skirts.
  I like having blonde hair.
I like most music. I like communication.
  I like pandas and tigers and giraffes and bears and wolves and birds of prey. I like most animals really.
I like cake.

I like peculiarities

I like the smell of wood polish and of sharpie pens. 
I like my bedroom and I like sitting on my bed staring at the ceiling, thinking of nothing in particular.
I like brushing my hair.
I like taking photographs when no-one is paying attention and capturing them as they really are.
I like putting on make up. I like taking it off more.
I like writing my blog. I like the fact that people read my blog.
I like solitude and my own company.
I like making lists. 
 I like pyjamas.
I like reflecting on my memories. I like how much they make me smile.
I like cake.

I like baking

I like baking. I like baking very much.
I like spraying things gold. I like edible glitter.
I like that I’m getting good at piping icing onto cupcakes. I like making the cakes, decorating the cakes, displaying the cakes and eating the cakes.
I really like baking.

I like writing a whole blog post just so I can showcase my latest batch of cupcakes.
I like amusing myself.


Any thoughts?

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