Sacre Bleu!

Today I have had varying successes.

Throughout the course of the day, several things have occurred which are at different points on the scale of Good-Bad.

Good –
Mum has made me a very strong G&T which I am currently nursing.

I posted some letters that I’ve been meaning to send for a couple of days. Which means that I should hopefully get paid at the end of this month because part of it was my permission form for the college to give me pennies.

I spoke French to a French chef in a café. He greeted me with a handshake and “Bonjour” to which I instinctively replied, “Bonjour, ca va?” His delight was palpable, although I did then explain that my ability to converse in French was not extensive. Still, I think I just about made his day. Also, his name was Pascal. Like the chameleon in Tangled. That just about made my day!!

 I had the most delicious Latte and cake while at this French café. Ohhh it was so good. Just…yes. Nom. Delish.

Bad –
We are out of tonic.

I forgot to print the letter to send to the bank. Again.

 I watched part of our side-shelter roof take flight. The wind has been pretty horrendous today and eventually managed to claim some of the roof to the shelter at the side of our house. So now we have a very wet patch outside the backdoor. Bummer. Fortunately, the neighbour whose garden it began to blow into was very nice and helped Mum weigh it down with bricks and said that if any more came off, we could call on him to help.

I decided to bake some cakes as I promised to take some into college next week. It was all going swimmingly, everything looked good, tasted good etc. Until I put them in the oven and then released a stream of expletives while tidying away because I then realised I hadn’t added the baking powder. I’d forgotten that I was using plain flour today because I used up all the SR last time I baked. So Mum and I had to salvage them. Sigh. Mess ensued.

Good –
We did actually manage to salvage the cakes and they look normal, not like they’ve been scraped out of some cases back into a bowl, added to, remixed and then spooned back into fresh cases and cooked again…Yay.

As usual, most of my ‘good’ points seem to revolve around food. Damnit. This always happens. If only I didn’t love food so much. I just realised I forgot to have lunch. Might explain why this gin is going straight to my head. Oops.

I think speaking French to a French chef called Pascal basically outweighs all the negatives though. I also made friends with the café cat, who was very pretty and friendly and climbed onto my lap. Not at the table, I hasten to add. No, don’t worry. I sat on the floor instead…

Ooh la la.

Quite so.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was basically all good things. I painted again, which I haven’t done in ages. I am so glad I did because I remember just how much I enjoy it. Oh it was
fantastic to sit there with the paints and brushes and wooden things again. I’ve missed it. I decided to continue working on some wooden eggs that I bought and started painting about a year ago.

I used Carl Faberge as inspiration for these, because although not all of his work is quite to my taste, his craftsmanship and artistic talent is undeniable. Some of his works are so phenomenally intricate and beautiful. It’s hard not to be awed and inspired by that level of creativity really.

I have previously painted a set of nesting eggs in the Faberge style, which I gave to my Grandma for her birthday in 2012. They took me a long time, and were fairly detailed and required a lot of fine brush work.

The set I am working on now is a set of three solid
wooden eggs in a chest. So far I think
they are going well and I’m fairly sure my brushwork has improved, despite not having done any painting for a long time. So that’s pretty awesome really. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to finish them or if I’ll ever get them done, but I’ve enjoyed being able to sit and do some more stuff that makes me feel like me. Not sure how much horses appreciate work like this though…so I’m not sure how well they’ll go together. Ah well. I can totally juggle both worlds. Paint and Ponies. Sounds like the title of something horrifically cheesy.


My dad and brother went up to Edinburgh yesterday to go to Murrayfield to watch the Scotland/England Six Nations match, so Mum and I are home alone. Last night we ordered an Indian Takeaway and watched a crappy film. Lovely stuff. And tonight we’re drinking gin.

Excellent !


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