New Swimming Pool

Well that was relatively painless.

The rain held off (mostly), the yard work wasn’t mental, everyone worked hard and the horses got exercised as much as they could be given the conditions of the school. And there was cake.

After driving in this morning looking across at the ridiculous amount of water in places it shouldn’t be, I spent the day either mucking out stables or walking horses around the campus. And the sun came out. Just wonderful. So I was happy.

Amy worked hard today, dashing about doing all sorts. I even photographed her sorting out the muck heap, breaking her back to make it look good. What a trooper. We have a special friendship after today. *Finally*

My drive back to my grandmother’s house was okay but once I’d parked I realised just how wet everywhere was. I walked down the track opposite her house to see where the water had got to, and stopped halfway down when I realised it was up to the gate at the bottom. The entire field has become a lake. Uh oh!

I looked across from my bedroom window and was a little taken aback by just how far across the water goes. You can’t see where the river even is anymore. The road had a few flooded patches, but I got through okay. I have no idea what it’ll look like tomorrow though; whether I’ll get through to college or not. But blimey are the fields looking soggy:

So yes, a little wetter than it normally looks. Swimming anyone? Hmm. And apparently the road down to the Holme Lacy bridge is now underwater as well. So that’s…slightly awkward! I hope it goes down enough for me to get home on Wednesday.

Bloody weather. I know we’re getting the light end of it compared to some of the dreadful circumstances down in the South West and on the coasts. But it’s still driving me crazy.

At least the sun was out for a bit today. Made me smile. Fed my soul.

And I got to snuggle Foxy. Always good.


Any thoughts?

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