What The….

Okay, not even funny anymore Sky!

Seriously, sort it out! This is just ridiculous and I’ve had enough thank you kindly. Pouring pelting socking freezing stinging driving rain all morning meant my waterproof coat ended up more of a saturated rag than anything else. Hurrah.

It cleared up eventually and after we completed the yard work, we ended up having to exercise the geldings as they’d been in several nights in a row, whilst the mares were able to go out last night. I saddled up dear old Foxy Lox while Kelly and Sonya decided what to do. In the end, they split the rest of us into two groups and decided that we would take it in turns to ride in the indoor school and then go for a walk down the road. Sonya took myself, Emily and Ellie out first, and we headed across the road and down the track past the turn out fields.

It was all going so well until Maguire decided to be naughty and go charging off across the Wilsley field. Sonya’s declaration that we’d have a nice sedate walk around the field did not stand for long. Maguire took off and Victor immediately went into panic mode next to me, suddenly taking off after his buddy. I think poor old Emily got a bit of a shock when her horse suddenly went from walk to flat out gallop! Foxy had been very well behaved up to this point, although he had panicked a little bit coming down a bank. The ground wasn’t great, so I can understand his concern. When victor suddenly bolted off from right next to him however, I realised I had a choice. Keep him in a very tight bunny-hopping kind of walk, or tell him he could go and move him forward. Apologising to everyone as we whizzed past, I suddenly realised what speed that horse has. Unfortunately he also decided it would be fun to throw his head around, while galloping full pelt, so pulling him up took longer than I had planned. Eventually, however, we stopped and even managed to get Emily and Victor pulled in next to us. Ellie and Maguire had gone for a little jaunt on their own across the field, while Sonya and Tarzan sedately arrived round the corner. Eventually we got everyone back together and managed to exit the field, in walk.

Of course all of this excitement meant that when we got back to campus and went to the indoor school to work them in a more controlled environment, they were shattered and almost incapable of doing anything. Apart from Maguire that is. He was raring to go! Sweet dear old boy? Yeah right.

By the time we finished up and went for lunch, the sun had come out. Oh glorious golden loveliness. Such delight it brings me, such joy of living. I do so love the sun.

And the afternoon was a bit of a laugh to be honest. Okay as we had lessons and did a bit of work and stuff but given that there were only four of us in the class, it was pretty easy going really. Ellie, Amy and Becky actually made me laugh so much today, I was really grateful to them for being so fab! Amy had a little accident, leaning back too far on an unsteady chair and ending up on the floor instead. Brilliant. We all ended up crying with laughter while she lay there crying with what we hoped was laughter rather than pain but were laughing too much to actually find out. Bless her. And Becky bought me a bottle of orange juice because I was craving it. What a sweetie.

By 4pm, however, it was raining again. Quelle surprise.

And then..it snowed. For about thirty seconds before stopping completely.
And raining again.


Rain, sun, rain, snow, rain….C’MON SKY. What is this all about? Did someone steal your favourite teddy? Are you trying to make a satirical point? Is this your idea of a witty joke? Whatever the reason…please just stop. Just stop and be sunny. Yes?

Thanks very much.


Any thoughts?

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