Musical Interlude

Time for something a little different

Thanks to the rather unpleasant weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve not been able to do much with the horses. Travel is a nightmare because the winds are either so strong that my poor little car gets swept across the road, or the roads are so wet that my heart starts hammering and I stop dead, panic stricken at the thought of flooding another car.

So I’m at home for the moment. I’m hoping the roads are clear on Saturday and Sunday though, as I’m due in and have a feeling not many others will make it. And the horses still need looking after even if the riding school clients can’t come.

Anyway, due to my lack of horsey contact, this post is going to be brief, and musical.

For those of you who like classical music, you should definitely check out my lovely friend, Simon Gower’s youtube channel. He only has three compositions up at the moment, but they’re ones he has created himself. He’s a very talented musician, and a damn good teacher. He plays cello and piano as well as singing, conducting, teaching and composing. What a multi-faceted chap! His cello playing has brought a tear to my eye before (yeah, he’s that bad…) so when he posted a link on Facebook of his compositions, I went to listen straight away.

This is one of his three current pieces available on his youtube channel. Give the others a listen as well by going to his channel here:

I’m very proud of this lad! He doesn’t know…but sometimes I’d come home, when we lived in our house in third year, and I’d hear him playing his cello or keyboard when I closed the front door so I’d sneak up the stairs as quietly as I could and sit halfway up his staircase (he lived in the attic) and listen. Before even getting a cup of tea! Simon my dear, if you’re reading this…that’s love for you, right there! Also pride in my friend and joy in the music he played.

I was also going to post you a recording of my flute playing, but I’m not good enough at the moment. My pride gets in the way and refuses to let anyone hear me until I’m back on form. It’s been a long time since anyone heard me play so posting a video so publicly isn’t something I’m quite ready for yet. Maybe someday.

For those of you whose ears are not so well pleased by the classical side of things, try this on for size. It’s a song I currently have stuck in my head, most of the time.

I don’t even know the words but I go around humming and “la la la”-ing all the time. I realised I was humming it to myself this afternoon while going around antique shops with my brother. And then he started singing it too because I got it into his head. Oops.

Still not satisfied? Very well…how about…a bit of…MCBUSTED!!

Seriously, if you’re not happy now then I don’t think we should talk anymore. I literally have no words to express how much joy this brings me. My heart swells with happiness and I can’t stop grinning. This is essentially my childhood on a stage. Just…yay.


Mega happy face. Yes.

That’s all folks.

P.s. I have to add this little edit in despite publishing this ages ago. My lovely friend Ségolène just sent me this GIF and it struck a chord…



Any thoughts?

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