I did not know this was a thing.

But I am very very glad to learn of it. Today, I baked. I baked some beautiful cakes. Using beautiful cases. Oh my. I was slightly overwhelmed and over-excited by all the prettiness. Seriously…I was actually squeaking with joy because they looked so nice. Does that make me sad? I DON’T CARE.

I left my beautiful cakes to cool while I took my brother out to help him finish off finding the last bits and pieces for his girlfriend, both for valentines day and for her 18th birthday which is tomorrow. I’ve been helping him the past couple of days, just giving him a second opinion on things and mostly ferrying him around from shop to shop. I don’t mind though, because he’s putting in a lot of effort to get it right for his lady, and I think that’s really lovely, so I’m more than happy to lend him a hand.

He stupidly allowed me to disappear into the baking aisle in Morrisons. Poor boy, he’ll learn one day. I was more excited than the little girl who appeared next to me with her mum. There I was, hopping about from foot to foot going “ooh pretty, ooh sparkly, ooh pretty” at basically everything on the shelves. Ben just sighed and walked off, but not before he pointed out the packets of wafer butterflies. I think I nearly had a heart attack I was so excited. For whatever stupid reason though, there are only nine in a pack. I mean, come on, that’s just pointless. Who bakes cakes in batches of nine? NO-ONE, that’s who. Stupid Dr Oetker, supposed to be baking experts and don’t even know how many cakes make up a batch. Honestly.

I bought them anyway.

Along with some sugar flower shapes and some orange/lemon jellies. Oh my. So exciting. And when I got home again…well, I had a LOT of fun. I put real vanilla into the icing from one of my vanilla pods and piped it out and decorated them and then stood there clapping my hands whispering “pretty pretty pretty” to myself for a good five minutes.

Love it, love it, love it.

I love baking.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Got a valentine? Good, spoil them and have a lovely time. Not got one? Don’t worry… I think I’ve just about proved that you don’t need love to be happy. For gods sake, I think I’m basically in love with my oven/cake cases/wafer butterflies/piping nozzle.

So, dear reader, do not get yourself into a blue funk if you happen to be single today. Just make/eat some cupcakes instead.

(P.s. I totally love you anyway, so don’t be sad)


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