Turbo Powered

The things you can do when you drink a lot of caffeine…

I got up at around 10am this morning. Before midday I had consumed two cups of tea and two cups of coffee. Factoring in my shower and dressing time, this means I drank four cups of caffeine in the space of an hour and a half. Not ideal for the body. But it did mean I got on a roll and did a lot of stuff today.

1. I cleaned my car. Not just the outside. I hoovered the insides and sprayed some anti-mildew stuff into the carpets to prevent all the wet boots etc from creating mouldy patches in my car like they had done. I even hoovered the seats. I then washed the outside of little blue, who is in fact, blue! Remarkable stuff really. It’s a lovely bright shiny blue and everything. At first I didn’t think I’d bother, but I’m glad I did now because despite getting soaked (I’m not very good at washing cars) it was quite an enjoyable task really. And now little blue looks gorgeous. Not that it’ll last, as I’m driving into the yard tomorrow to work (play with the horses) so bye-bye shiny car. I also sorted my tyre pressures, filled up my screen wash and checked all my other under the bonnet levels. Bootiful! (I didn’t hoover the boot.)
I would, however, recommend avoiding splashing water over the car so enthusiastically that it hits the window and comes right back into your face. You get a bit wet if you do that. Just saying…

2. I painted. I did some more work on one of my wooden eggs. The urge came over me so I cleared my space and dug the stuff back out again from the piles of random crap it had morphed into. I must’ve been painting for about two and half hours or so. It doesn’t look like I’ve done much compared with the last pictures I took…but I guess that just goes to show how long each little bit takes. I’m a bit of a perfectionist though, so every time it didn’t go quite right I’d be wiping it off and trying again. So I’ve got another layer of loops down the egg. Hurrah.

3. I walked the dogs with my dad. And they were super good girls. Apart from Saffi getting everso slightly overexcited at one point and humping Dad’s leg…awkward for everyone really. It was lovely to see them enjoying their walk though rather than trotting along miserably in the rain like they’ve had to do so often recently. Happy doggies.

4. I baked. Again. But I’ll tell you now…you might want to make sure you’re sitting down for this. Because I’m still slightly overwhelmed to be honest, so goodness knows what’ll happen to you when you see this. Ready?

Amazed? Yeah, I thought so. I hope you’re still breathing and what not. Don’t go dying on me now reader! It’ll change my stats if you stop reading. But I do understand, because they are pretty incredible right? I’ll tell you what, making that chocolate stuff was so much fun. And it turned out so so pretty!

My dad and brother rather rudely commented that I should stop baking cakes and do something else. But I’d made promises you see. To Kelly for tomorrow, because she’s working hard all week and is having to deal with floodwater in her house and only tinned tomatoes for dinner (better if you don’t ask really.) And to Niz for later in the week because it is her 21st birthday today, so I said I’d leave some cakes in the office for her to pick up when she comes in for her lesson. So I had to bake really.

I was also planning on doing some assignment work today but I just never got around to it. I have been pretty busy though, so I guess I’ll let myself off. Just this once, you understand.

So there you have it folks. My turbo powered Tuesday. I felt pretty awesome achieving all that stuff today. And, the sun came out and everything. Yup yup. A good day.

More where that came from?

I sure hope so.


Any thoughts?

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