Daffodils For Sale

It must be Spring!

While at my cleaning job on Wednesday night I got an extremely pleasant surprise. On walking into one of the small classrooms I was hit with a truly beautiful aroma. Looking around, I saw two large bunches of daffodils, one at each end of the room. They were absolutely lovely and the smell was wonderful. It really lifted my spirits.

I love daffodils. They are emblematic of spring and all the newness that comes with it; growth, life, warmth etc. Plus, they are yellow and I rather love yellow. And they smell divine.

There are certain events throughout the year that are like landmarks to me. Sometimes it’s stuff that everyone does, like trying and failing to flip pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Other times they are strange little traditions from my family, or just myself. For example, it never feels like Christmas to me until my parents put on the John Rutter CD. That music and the smell of chestnut patĂ© is Christmas to me.

Spring happens for me when the daffodils start appearing in shops. Bunches and bunches of them, the whole flower section of Morrisons and Waitrose become inundated with daffs. I love it! And it means it’s spring. Which it now is, because I went to Morrisons yesterday, inspired by the daffodils I saw in that classroom, and lo and behold there were buckets of them. Spring spring spring, hurrah!

Unfotunately, I have also managed to pick up a delightful end of winter cold. I feel like a rather large pile of that stuff that comes out of the back end of a horse. I can’t breathe, it feels like there are tiny people stabbing my throat with tiny knives all the time, and my voice has taken on a rather husky tone. I also ache all over and my head is all fluffy, like it’s full of cotton wool. Not fun.

The next five days are going to be rather busy too, so somehow I’m going to have to man up and soldier on. Not that manning up should be that tricky given the quality of my voice at the moment…

Oh life.


Any thoughts?

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