Midget Gem

A multi-purpose title, oh yes!

This post is so titled for two reasons.

1. Today I had the honour of riding the lovely Midge. She’s a funny old stick is Midget. Some days she’s dopey as a donkey and you can’t get her to budge, and other days she’s a racehorse in training, or at least she would like to think so. Not everyone likes her, as she can be a bit awkward and doesn’t always work into an outline very well. She also spooks quite a lot and gets a bit ahead of herself, getting too quick and falling over her own feet. Like I said, she’s a funny thing.
When I went to fetch her from the field this morning I realised she was feeling rather fresh and full of herself. “Okay, so it’s one of those days today” I thought. When it came to our riding lesson, Midge and I spent the first ten minutes or so spooking at everything. From the fence (scary) to the corner (terrifying) to the mounting block (good god no) and finally, the centre of the school (oh the horror). Eventually we got to working properly, and once she started listening the spooking stopped completely and she worked really well. We had some absolutely fantastic canter with a beautiful rhythm and really lovely feel to it which I was pleasantly surprised about. She worked in an outline for most of the lesson, and really used her back end. Fabulous mare!

2. That’s all I’m going to post today, making this post itself a midget gem. Yeah, pun intended. I amuse myself and that’s what counts, mmkay?

Oh, and I got to cuddle a gorgeous Alaskan Malamute today. She’s beautiful, has the softest ears in the world, and pushed me over onto the floor so that she could sit on me. Cutie. And SO FLUFFY.

And now I’m gonna make like a tree and leave.



Any thoughts?

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