Ready-Made Lemonade


Guess what!

Last week I had a rather exciting, confidence boosting experience. Apart from the fashion show modelling malarkey, of course.

I received contact from a yard in Warwickshire, expressing interest in me for a position with them. Me! After a short email exchange, they asked me to call. So, call I did. I chatted to the yard manager for about half an hour. She talked to me a lot about the yard and the type of work they do, the horses they look after, the standards they have etc. She then asked me a few questions and seemed genuinely interested in my responses. It was great to talk to her and learn about her yard and experience, and she seemed pleased with the responses I gave. She had a good sense of humour, making me laugh and laughing at some of my expressions. For example, when she asked me, “So, tell me, what’s your dream job?” and I replied “I’m afraid I can’t really answer that” her next question was “Why? Is it something unsavoury?”

I did then explain why I felt I couldn’t answer it, of course. And her response to that was “Well….you’ve definitely got a Philosophy degree haven’t you?!”

All in all, it was a really good conversation. I really enjoyed talking to her and she seemed keen on snapping me up to work with her. Due to my college commitments etc, I explained that I wasn’t available until the summer for interviews and probation work and such. To which she suggested I call again in August to arrange an interview then. Having established that she was pretty certain there would still be a position available, I agreed to contact her again in a few months.

So that, my friends,  is very exciting. Even if nothing comes of it in the end, it’s been a real boost for me and made me feel a lot better about the future. Not only did these people contact ME about the work, showing me that I am certainly employable and of interest to employers, the work being offered was interesting, exciting and covered a variety of different areas. So I now feel like I can go for the things I really want, because I might just achieve it.

On the back of all this, I have also been able to finally make some other decisions. Which means I am definitely returning to Ireland this summer. I didn’t want to end up in the position of just sitting around waiting to call this woman, doing little with myself and feeling like I was hanging onto something that might not even be there. It felt much more positive and forward thinking to go out and do something fun and interesting and worthwhile instead. And having been in contact with both Ginny and Anita for the past couple of months about it all, I finally straightened things out in my head and confirmed a place at Eclipse for July. I’m really looking forward to going back. It’ll be very different this year as, firstly, I’ll be going on my own. Tillie has other commitments and as the Eclipse house is now full, wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep even if she wasn’t busy. So it’ll be very different doing the journey etc. on my own. But I’ve done it once, so it’s not the same level of “oh shit I’m going to die” as it would be if I’d never driven it before.

It’ll also be a totally different group of people. Ginny, Anita and Athos will all be there, as will Sonny. But Rieke, Sofian and Ségolène won’t. Jeremy might be around for a bit here and there, but he won’t be a permanent resident as he’s doing other things. So it’ll be a different atmosphere in the house. But, it’ll be a chance to meet yet more new people and make another load of new friends. There will also be a new member of staff on the yard, who I’m looking forward to meeting and working with almost as much as I can’t wait to work with Ginny again. Not quite though, because Ginny is pretty damn awesome to learn from.

Another difference will be me. I’m a very different person to who I was when I travelled out there last summer. I’m more focused and grounded in what I’m doing. I feel quieter in myself, like I’ve settled somehow. My confidence on and around horses has just climbed and climbed over this year, despite the pitfalls along the way. And I have more certainty, a sureness in who I am. Which I always thought I had sussed before, until now. So that will make a difference too. In a good way, of course.

I’m glad I’m going back though, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the familiar faces again and catching up. And to meeting the new faces and being a part of the Eclipse family once again.

Just now, life is giving me ready-made lemonade.

And I’m not complaining!


Any thoughts?

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