Never Fear!

Megan is here!

Should you feel the urge to collapse, don’t worry! I can safely say that I will be able to correctly and professionally handle the situation. After all, I’ve been assessed on it now and passed with flying colours. I can check all your vital signs, open your airways and pop you into the recovery position no probs. Next week I get to practice methods to prevent choking, CPR and minor injuries. Hurrah! And then I’ll be a certified First Aider. How exciting is that…

Okay, so not the MOST exciting thing in the world, but still pretty cool as far as I’m concerned. Kinda makes me feel like a real grown up. You know, with responsibilities and stuff. So..should you need your vital signs monitoring and being shifted into the recovery position…I’m your girl!

Also, we learned today that I have a stupidly low pulse rate. We had to sit and take our own pulse for fifteen seconds, multiply it by four and write it up on the board. We all went and wrote our numbers up, and then Claire told us that the normal resting heart rate for an averagely fit person is between 60 and 80 beats per minute. Mine was 48.

A few others also had strangely low ones, so Claire told us to take it again as it’s easy to measure it incorrectly if you don’t do it often. So we did. Everyone’s changed, Tillie went up to 56, Louise and Amy went up to 60. I stayed at 48.

We then had to go and powerwalk around the grass outside for three laps before coming back in and taking our pulse again straight away, recording the results. Mine came in at a staggering…80. Which was Poppy’s resting rate. Claire then came and took mine, just in case I was consistently wrong, but got the same result. So we just had to accept the fact that I have a ridiculously low heart rate. According to Claire, and to my Grandmother, a resting rate that low should belong to either an exceedingly fit track athlete or a worryingly ill person. And I am neither. I am fit, but not to the extreme and I could still certainly be fitter, and I am definitely not unhealthy or ill. So…I’m just freaky!

In actual fact, I did acknowledge the fact that I’ve always had low blood pressure, which makes a huge difference to pulse rate etc. So there you go. I’m a freaky girl with low pulse, low blood pressure and the ability to rescue unconscious collapsees. Woohoo!

Yesterday I made brownies. Mmm mmm mmmmm! They are gooey and full of chocolate and oh so good. I can’t get enough of them. And I’m supposed to be sharing…YEAH RIGHT. One of these days all this will catch up with me and then even a low pulse rate won’t save me!

Wuh oh.


Any thoughts?

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