Slogging On

Today has been long!

There were only two of us to man the yard today. Which, of course, meant we had to work extra hard and extra fast to get everything done. It was some slog!

Poor Charlotte was an absolute star and kept going all day. Between us we got all the important things done. We didn’t have time to poo-pick, but that’s not the end of the world. Everything else got done and we survived albeit with a few blisters to remember the day by.

I’m half dead at present. Aches and pains plague me. My shoulders are so tight it’s unreal and my eyes keep closing for longer each time I blink. I am absolutely shattered and still have three more days to go before I can sleep for a long enough time to feel refreshed.

I could sleep forever and still need more right now!

To bed.


Any thoughts?

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