A Championship Show

I am tired beyond belief

The past two days have been insanely busy and I feel like I’ve barely stopped the entire weekend. Yesterday was bursting at the seams with riding school clients as there were no lessons today due to the Dressage show. So we were run off our feet trying to keep up with everything, unable to turn horses out until the last minute because they were being used non-stop and when the students all went home I thought my head was going to explode because there was still so much to do.

Today, was similar in feel but different in actions. It was manic, with the dressage classes being full to the brim and horseboxes turning up almost constantly. Keeping track of who’d collected their number already, who still had to pay a fee and who had withdrawn without telling anyone was interesting. Couple that with trying to add up score sheets, work out a very confusing championship points system and reassuring kids that just because they came 4th out of four doesn’t mean they’re a bad rider; and you get the gist of some of the day. That’s not to mention saving a girl and her jittery horse from a flapping banner, taking owners to see their horse and making sure one poor girl and her horse weren’t stood in the rain all day because their trailer wasn’t due back for another three hours.

What was fantastic, was to see everyone doing well. Especially the Holme Lacy contingent, who really struck gold today. Sonya went away with a whole armful of rosettes and prizes for her successful tests with Africa, Eileen and Star won their qualifiers class, Becky went home with prizes in every class she competed and two riding school clients did brilliantly with Harry and Victor, coming 2nd and 6th in one class and 3rd and 4th in another. A good show all round really.

Several other competitors became familiar faces in the secretaries hut, as they were competing in multiple classes. It was nice to see so many people being successful and much of the time they were so surprised to have done well. One young girl looked at me in total shock when I piled her prizes into her arms while her mum took pictures.

What was great is that all the stresses behind the scenes were put to good use and totally hidden from the competitors. I was told several times how nice it was to be at such a pleasant and friendly show and that the atmosphere was so relaxed it was easy to calm nerves and feel happy about competing. Which is good to hear. Although a few times I did wonder whether these people were talking about the same place I was.

Despite the incredible fatigue causing me to almost be unable to sit upright, I’m glad it all went well and that we were able to keep things going smoothly and make the show a success.

But coming in to a blanket and a cup of tea?
Just wonderful.


Any thoughts?

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