Things I’d Forgotten

Yesterday I ended up digging up the past

I went on a hunt for my flute music, which mysteriously disappeared some time ago. Jenni bought me a new book for my birthday the other year, but I wanted to find some of my other stuff too so I can start building back up to somewhere near the standard I used to be. Ultimately I think I’m going to just have to bite the bullet and have lessons again. Sigh.

Anyway. I went up into the attic in search of said music. I remembered there being boxes and boxes of stuff from my room in our old house labelled “Bedroom 3” so I looked for those first. I ended up sitting there, in the attic, surrounded by bits of stuff. Mostly things I’d forgotten all about.

1. A pokemon pencil case. That beauty was full of crayons and watercolour pencils. But how on earth could I have forgotten that I had a pokemon pencil case?!!

2. Ornaments. I used to collect them and I had little shelves covered in ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Looking through them all gave me mixed emotions. Some of the things I remembered with deep fondness, others made me question what the hell I was thinking when I bought them. And others I realised would be quite valuable on todays market.

3. Old photos. In one of the many “Bedroom 3” boxes, I found a heap of photos. Some were ridiculously bad shots of the ceiling, wall or someone’s finger. Others, however, brought back a few memories and made me smile. It’s nice to be reminded of old times sometimes.

4. A disposable camera. I realised it still worked by accidentally taking a shot of the attic with it. I think my leg might have been in it too. It appeared to have about 9 shots left, so I took it downstairs and photographed my dogs. As for the other 18 photos taken with it…god only knows what they are. I honestly have no idea but I think I’m going to go and get it developed and find out!

5.Notebooks and writings. I wrote a lot as a kid. And as a teenager. As it turns out, I kept a lot of it. Including a page of writing that poured out when my cat died in 2002. I read through it and was struck with a mixture of “Oh my god you melodramatic whatsit” and “Oh my god I was so sad about that cat”. I also found a whole load more of my Uni notes, which just reminded me once again how the mighty fall. I used to be so SMART.

6. Once treasured CDs. Oooh jeez. The music I once loved. I’m not going to go into it in too much detail but Anastasia, Avril Lavigne and Abbamania are only the A’s….

7. Leftover Euros! Score.

I didn’t find my flute music. Partly because I got completely distracted, but also because it just wasn’t there. Instead I had a lovely reminiscing session up in the attic, laughing at the kid I used to be. And coming away 3 Euros richer than I was before. Awesome.

I worked on the yard for a few hours today, feeding all the ponies, poo picking and starting to sort some of the stables in the barn ready to be pressure washed in a week or so. I also took my grandmother, aunt and cousins to meet some of the horses as it was quiet. Dotty, Lucy and Midge were more than happy to get the fuss, and the kids seemed delighted to be given the chance to meet them and stroke them. So that was nice.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m not doing a lot. I keep aiming to finish some assignments but distractions keep popping up instead. I really should do some worky work though. In the evening we’re off to see Jon Richardson at Malvern Theatres, so that should be a nice amusing end to the day. I do find him quite funny, so hopefully it’ll be a good show. I might even wear some nice clothes. Given that it’s basically my only outing of the holiday! Work work work. That’s my easter. The things I do.

This is my current feel-good song. I drove in to the yard this morning, sunnies on, this blaring away, in a pretty sweet mood.

So my friends, get your happy face on, find a song that makes you want to close your eyes and just dance, and be wonderful.

Stay beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Things I’d Forgotten

    • Haha glad it’s not just me that’s left totally confused because it was absolutely here a minute ago! I’ll give you a shout if yours pops up instead of mine 🙂

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