It Hurts So Bad!

I hate leaving things unfinished!

We ran out of paint. It’s something of a disaster. There was a moment when I thought we were going to make it, but Phil soon dashed all my hopes to the ground. “Meg, we’re out of paint”.

“Noooooooooo, we must make it stretch. I will not give up”

But it was no use. So we now have three painted gates and mostly beautifully painted kickboards in the school. There is one dark, scuffed corner that I can’t look out without feeling the anguish and despair that comes with having to give up. I hate giving up, it is not in my nature. I do not give up, I do not leave things unfinished. Argh!

So next time you go into the college menage, if you could just close your eyes while riding between F and A, I’d be much obliged. Cheers.

In other news, I snuggled Foxy in the field this afternoon and fed him half a packet of strong mints. He was extremely happy with life at this point and leant his head on my shoulder while he munched happily. Lovely boy.

Bryn, on the other hand, managed to cover my car in feed this morning. I drove the feed down to the fields rather than having to carry it all, and thought I was being oh so clever by plonking the second bucket on the roof while I fed the boys in the far field. I’d already noted that Bryn couldn’t reach that far across, so figured it wouldn’t be an issue. Within thirty seconds of feeding the others, however, I turned around and raced back to scoop mollichop, sugarbeet and pony nuts off my car and back into the bucket before chucking it over the fence at Bryn and Connor. Bloody horses.

Phil and Valerie looked at me quizzically when I drove Little Blue straight onto the yard when I returned, until they saw the interesting pattern of chaff that was streaking down the side. Lovely. I know the inside of my car probably smells unbearably horsey (I just don’t notice anymore) but I didn’t really think the outside needed to smell the same.

And in a delightful turn of events, my lovely Jennifer came over to see me this evening. I wasn’t expecting her to want to travel out so far, but she was happy to make the drive as she hasn’t driven in a while. When she arrived I took her down to the river so she could breathe some real fresh country air and have a chance to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. She was pretty impressed by the scenery, which reminded me how lucky I am to work outside and enjoy such beautiful surroundings every day.

We sat on a rock by the river, watching the swirling current and listening to the birds around us, chatting about various things, catching up and giggling about everything. It was beautifully warm sitting there in the sunshine. We also realised that we’re still silly kids at heart as when we threw rocks into the river the “splosh” sound made us giggle like idiots. Oh yes.

She stayed and had some supper with me and Di-Di and cuddled the cats. It was really lovely to see her, as it’s been several months since we last met up. Hopefully I’ll get to see her on Sunday too to catch up and giggle even more. I love that girl, she’s fab.

Tomorrow looks to be a long day, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ve got a few sets of hands to help get everything done which will make a nice change. And as we’ve run out of paint, at least we won’t have to do any of that. I’ll just have to shut my eyes every time I walk past the school. God it’s so annoying. Urgh!

Enough. To bed.


Any thoughts?

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