Two Down…

This is turning into a very long weekend.

As it turns out, this bank holiday weekend is not so much of a bank holiday weekend at all for me. I seem to have done too much of a good job by doing my job, and as such find myself working non-stop on the yard. I love it, and I know how lucky I am to be able to do a job I love. But it isn’t half tiring sometimes. Two days down now, only two to go…

It doesn’t help that I’m trying to get my head around all this college stuff at the same time. I completed three assignments the other night, which ticks off two whole modules. I sat there feeling accomplished and productive and proud. Until I realised it barely made a dent in the rest of it. Sigh. SO much to do.

Yesterday was quite a good day. We practiced our musical ride, during which I realised I have memorised the entire thing already and was able to call out what we were meant to be doing as we rode around. We were not on our allotted horses, however, as most of them were being given a day off. So I had the little fat dude, Jack. Who was basically pretty awesome throughout.

Okay, so we got a leeeeeetle bit speedy for the first couple of canters, and the trot was somewhat tanklike at times. But on the whole, he was an absolute superstar. I found myself pleasantly surprised by how well he worked for me. Little man.

And today I was extremely joyfully surprised to be told that I would 1. Be riding and 2. On foxy. I wasn’t expecting to ride, because I usually don’t when I’m working, but Sonya wanted the first years to practice musical rides and we needed to make up the numbers so she and I both got involved. And I got my lovely boy, so I was very happy indeed. Poor old Kayleigh got thrown in at the deep end though, having never done drill riding of any kind before and being on Tarzan who is somewhat particular about his back end.

Fox got a little excited at points, and couldn’t quite bring himself to come back to trot, preferring to slow his canter as much as is horsely possible. But he was fabulous, as he always is. Love love love. Did I mention to you at any point, and let’s be honest I probably didn’t because I’m fairly reserved about this kind of thing, that I totally adore that horse?

Because I do. Oh I do I do I do.

He was a babe. Always is. Although he did have to share his apple after the ride because while feeding it to him I happened to notice Connor standing staring at me with just the cutest most hopeful, optimistic expression on his face; eyes fixed on the apple in my hand. I couldn’t not give him some, he made me chuckle that much. And then of course I returned to Fox with empty hands, much to his confusion and disappointment. Oh it’s a tough life, trying to share your love between darling horses. How ever do we do it?!

I think perhaps the highlight of my day, however, is the fact that my lovely friend Niz thought much better of me than I do of myself. She made me laugh outright with her comment, but it was very sweet at the same time.

Oh and one last thing. Today Sonya and I were talking horses, and she mentioned that there are a few in the pipeline for loans to the college. One of which is called Mike. What a name for a horse. Another has the name Scorched.

CuriouserĀ and curiouser.


Any thoughts?

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