A Year Later

Better late than never right?

While Tillie and I were in Ireland last summer, we took a billion photos, video-ed loads of stuff and generally did everything we could to capture some of the brilliant moments and experiences we had out there. Tillie decided that she’d make a video out of it when we got home. On tenterhooks I waited for weeks as I watched it come together. And then I carried on waiting for months as she kept tweaking bits but never quite finishing it.

Last night she popped up on facebook chat..

“I’ve finished that video”

My brain, totally spaced out, produced the reply,

“What video’s that?”

When she explained exactly what video she meant, I realised it was daft of me not to remember. But then…it’s been MONTHS. It’s been nearly a year. And she’s finally finished it. But finish it she did, and while it is a little later than originally planned, it’s pretty awesome and certainly brings back some memories. A little bit of nostalgia. Almost some feels…

And I’ll tell you what else it does. It reminds me that even though I’ve been questioning some of my decisions lately and wondering whether I shouldn’t have just focused on getting a proper job and settling into my life rather than heading on back over, being out there was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me when it comes down to who I am. Something about that place is magic, and the thought that I get to go back there in just over a month and spend another five weeks with some truly amazing people is just the most exciting and wonderful and beautiful thought in the world. I am so excited. So if nothing else, this video coming so late has done me a favour in the sense that it has reminded me of what a brilliant place I am going back to, and how I will always have time to settle into my life later. For now, I want to enjoy every single second of it!

So here you go, dear readers. I hope you enjoy it.

And a brief disclaimer: The song used remains the copyright of its original artist and is in no way associated with the contents of this video. All photographs and video clips are privately owned by me or Tillie. And Tillie put together this video in just under a year. Paha.

Oh. And oh my gosh. It’s my blogs first birthday today, I just realised! So I guess the title is doubly apt. A whole year old. I didn’t get it a cake or anything. But then, I am posting a pretty cool video. That’ll have to do. A whole year. Awesome!!

For those of you who have been around from near the beginning, kudos to you my friends. And thank you for reading my humble little blog. I was saying to my mum the other day that I never expected to really have anyone read it, and somehow I’ve ended up with all these followers. It truly delights me to think that anyone out there enjoys reading what I have to say, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stay happy folks.

I sure am.


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