The Universe

I think it’s trying to tell me something!

Sometimes things happen and they’re a bit weird and freak you out a little. Or, a lot rather.
Today was a long day on the yard. Lots of lessons and at one point it felt like we somehow didn’t have enough horses, which we obviously do.

We had everything running quite smoothly though and the girls worked really well. In the afternoon Phil and I were cleaning tack and discussing the remaining jobs for the day. He started looking around in some of the drawers and boxes and pulled out a little box of metal stamps. They were face down though, so I couldn’t see what they really were. I reached over and took three out of the box to have a closer look. Turning them over I could only laugh when I saw that the row I had spelled out a word rather familiar to me. It made me laugh, because the irony was not lost, but it also made me kinda stop and think “that’s a bit too weird, it’s like the universe is trying to send me a sign”. Because the letters I picked up spelled “FOX”

Ridiculous right?! It gets better. His owner appeared on the yard today. I’d just finished lungeing Blossom, and was coming out of the stable with her tack when I heard my name. Looking over, I saw Angie beckoning me. I went down, tack on my arm, and was introduced to Fox’s owner. When she found out how much I love him, she suggested I buy him. I offered to pay her in cake but she didn’t really seem to go for it. She did seem pleased to hear that I love him and said she was keen for him to go to someone who’d appreciate him. We chatted for a bit with Angie about various things and she told me a couple of stories about Foxy away from college. She also mentioned how happy he seemed when he was with us. When she left she said she’d enjoyed meeting me and said again that I should save my pennies to buy him. Which obviously, is the thing I want most in the world.

It did feel a bit strange, and like the universe was conspiring against me or trying to tell me something by producing those exact letters when I picked them up randomly, and having his owner turn up on the yard and talk to me about him. I know it’s all coincidence, of course. But it all just seemed so strange.

In fact, it almost seemed too much.


Any thoughts?

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