Surprise Sunburn

I was ambushed I tell you!

I was totally unprepared for today. Not for the whole working thing. But for the strange feeling of warmth that hit me, and continued hitting me throughout the day. The odd brightness to everything. That strange glowing ball in the sky. It was a truly peculiar sight.

The sun? No, I’m sorry, you must be mistaken. We live in England, where everyone knows there is no such thing as the sun. It’s a myth. A legend. A bedtime story told to children to give them false hope and cause them to grow up into the most annoyingly optimistic people known to mankind. Everyone knows the sun is not real.

So you probably won’t believe me when I tell you that actually, that’s what this weird phenomenon was. And due to my stoic belief in reality and the fact that the sun does not exist, I was utterly unprepared for this sudden revelation.

I even used some of the pony suncream; the stuff we use for their schnozzes. It was “kids waterplay, 50+”. So I don’t know how the sunburn managed to sneak up on me. But it sure did. It full on pounced on me. Jumped out from the shadows and attacked me with a vengeance. Totally unfair.

I got to ride today, which is unusual in itself as I don’t usually when I’m working. But Kelly wanted me to get on Tilly, our youngster, and make her work properly and listen. So up I jumped. She began the session by being a camel. Ignoring my leg, sticking her head out in front of her and doing her own thing. She stayed in walk though, and didn’t feel at any point like she was going to try and leg-it like she has done before. “Nope” said I “We’re not playing this game, you’re going to listen to me little miss”. And listen she did, under duress. After battling to establish a walk of appropriate quality, we moved up into trot and immediately camelled again.

Kelly was focused on the other girls at this point, who were riding Lucky and Maisey, so Tilly and I quietly argued about whether she was a camel or a pony. Eventually, I won, and she accepted her pony status with a grace only a true pony can. After that, apart from a few minor tiffs, we got on pretty well and developed our relationship to the point that she trotted over some poles without changing speed and without camelling. And I told her she was a good girl.

I actually got some seriously nice trot work out of that pony today and some beautifully crisp transitions. There were prolonged stretches of a lovely light feeling in my hands and energy flowing through her back. She was sweating like crazy by the end, bless her heart, so she got a good hose down before going back out to the field. I could have done with a hose down too in all honesty. It wasn’t until I got off and was sorting her out that I realised just how warm I was! Sweaty betty. Yuck!

We did, however, manage to finish everything early today thanks to Emily and Charlotte working fantastically all day. I had to pop to the shop at lunchtime as I hadn’t had time to grab any before I left this morning (I got distracted by sleep) but it also gave me a good excuse to buy an ice-cream for everyone as a pick-me-up after labouring away in the heat. Which went down very well indeed. I even gave Sky the last little bit of mine, because she was a bit hot too. Bless her. Fluffy pup.

Tomorrow will not catch me by surprise though. Tomorrow I will be prepared. Tomorrow I will have suncream on before I leave and I will look to the skies and say “HA!”…

Tomorrow it will probably rain.


Any thoughts?

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