Oh So Weary

I apologise, friends, for my absence

I have deliberately avoided my blog these past few days. And for good reason. Events have led me to feel oh so weary and jaded.  Which would have caused any blog post to come across as bitter and unpleasant, no matter how well I phrased it. So I refrained.

Today has been sunny and I was able to get a good amount of sleep last night so I am feeling slightly less tired and fed up. Due to the terrible weather predictions, our college Open Day tomorrow has now been cancelled. Which has led to rising frustrations within the ranks as we’ve all put in a hell of a lot of hard work in practices and labour to get the yard and our performances ready for the day. And of course now we will be unable to perform. Which is a shame. But, of course, the weather cannot be controlled and I certainly feel that it is far easier on us to have practiced and ultimately not perform than to be made to ride in torrential rain for zero audience.

It is also true that the work we’ve put in has not been totally in vain, even though it might feel like it. Because while we won’t be performing, we have still had the chance to ride things that we wouldn’t normally get to do such as wheels and cantering towards each other across diagonals and just the whole drill ride approach. It’s different, and it’s fun, and it’s more challenging than you realise. And for all of us to achieve what we have done is pretty awesome, so I hope people aren’t feeling too downhearted about the cancellation.

Although I was rather looking forward to riding Fox. As I always do.

But there will be other days for me to ride him, as I will be requesting lessons from Kelly at any opportunity I can now that college is officially over. Otherwise I don’t get a chance to ride at all!

Oh yeah, I’ve completely finished college now! All of my assessments and assignments are done and dusted. Finito. We have our awards ceremony on the 25th June which should be nice. I wasn’t expecting to be around for it as these things are so often held in July and I’ll be off in Ireland by then. So it’ll be nice to see everyone again at the end of the month when we are given our certificates and leave for good.

I also got a very exciting tax rebate today, hurrah! And it is my little brother’s twentieth birthday. Meep! Seems a bit strange to be saying that one of my little brothers is no longer a teenager. But there we go.

So there you have it. Open Day is cancelled, I’ve finished college, my little brother is twenty and I still love Fox.

Probably not as exciting as you’d hoped after five days of nothing. Sorry, I’m a bit of a let down. I’ll make it up to you some day. Somehow.

I promise.


Any thoughts?

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