You Know What I Love?

Unexpectedly good days.

Today was way better than I expected. From what I knew, it was going to be just me and Cha working our butts off all day on our own while Angie taught the lessons. “Oh my goodness” I thought, “No doubt we’ll manage, but we’ll be pooped as hell.” So on my drive in, I was prepping myself for a long hard day.

Lucy and Maisey greeted me by trying to kick their doors into a billion pieces, while Lucky and Jack whickered quietly as I brought breakfast out onto the yard. Cha always arrives early, so it wasn’t too long before she appeared and we headed over the road to swap horses over. Which took a while because they all decided to be absolute gits. Apart from Fox, who was an angel as always.

We chucked horses into random stables, trying to condense them all onto the main yard. I was removing Maguire’s headcollar and about to call to Cha to drag her down to Paddock 2 to fetch the girls in when I heard hoofbeats. Mildly concerned, I paced out into the middle of the yard so I could see where they were coming from. To my utter surprise, Sasha and Ione appeared, leading Tilly and Midge, the girls from Paddock 2. “Good morning, I wasn’t expecting to see you today!”

I didn’t realise they were coming in, so I was very pleased indeed to find that I had two extra bodies. Not only that, but that they had already taken it upon themselves to go and fetch in horses that we needed. Fantastic stuff! And for the rest of the day, Cha, Ione and Sasha were amazing. Literally brilliant. We worked as a team, dragging horses out and jumping on them with grooming kits and tack and doing the same in reverse on horses that came out of lessons; detacking and hosing them down in record time. Horses were thrown out as and when we could, stables mucked out and tack cleaned along the way. The fields were poo-picked (no cross-country, hooray), haynets were soaked for the evening, feeds were mixed, the yard was swept and left tidy.

Ta daah! Excellent stuff.

It was wonderfully refreshing to have three cheerful and willing people to work with. They were upbeat and easy going all day, they made me laugh and they did everything they were asked without a grumble or a mumble. Between the four of us, the yard was done effortlessly. I am so grateful to those girls for making today such a good day, because I was dreading it being long and back-breaking, but it wasn’t at all.

A good day, as it turns out. And I snuggled Foxy something rotten and shared my apple with him, causing Angie to call “spoilt boy” as she looked over from the school gate. Yup, spoilt indeed. I love him!

And the sun was mostly shining.

Happy Meg.


Any thoughts?

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