The Deepest Kind Of Joy

Three things of note occurred today

1. I saw my gorgeous Foxy lox, snuggled him, scritchy scratched him and had a lovely chat. Excellent.

2. Jack stamped on my foot with some serious heft and has bruised my big toe rather impressively. Little bugger. It really hurts.

3. I experience that deepest kind of joy that comes only from cuddling puppies. My grandmothers neighbour has a chocolate lab who recently gave birth to a litter. So I got to go and spend half an hour snuggling the softest, warmest gorgeous velvety little bundle of mumbly grumbly sweet-smelling two week old chocolate lab puppy. Literally the most perfect moment. It reminded me just how delicious a fat little puppy is when it’s nuzzling into your neck and breathing all soft and snuffly.


That is all.


Any thoughts?

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