Safe And Sound

Just before I drop off.

I have arrived at Eclipse safely. I am happy to be back, have had lovely welcomes from all the lovely old friends here and have met a large contingent of new faces. I think I might just about remember all the interns names. The same probably can’t be said for the Spanish kids. Ah well.

It’s going to be busy, like crazy busy. But I can’t wait to get going. I was even doing bits and pieces on the yard today because I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing. Ginny said I looked the image of ladylike, tacking up a horse in my polka dot dress and pumps. Totally not health and safety, but then I am in Ireland so…poop to that anyway.

I will have more to tell you in a couple of days, of that I have no doubt. Until then kids, you may rest reassured in the knowledge that I am safe and happy albeit a bit tired after all that travelling.

Ta ta.


Any thoughts?

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