In more ways than one.

Way No. One: I baked cakes. Yup, woohoo and all that. They were pretty damn pretty looking really if I do say so myself. They also tasted rather good. And, of course, they didn’t last very long at all. This time I did lemon cupcakes with vanilla icing, topped with either raspberries or strawberries. Of the freeze-dried and fresh varieties. Delish.

Way No. Two: It’s hot! Actually hot. Yes, as in the sun is out and it is boiling me. I am currently sporting the extremely fetching lobster look. I didn’t realise it was going to be so warm today because there was a lot of cloud cover when I got up, so I was totally unprepared for the intense heat of this afternoon. Which means I have burnt horrendously on my shoulders and chest. Sigh. Oh well.

In other news, I’ve been doing some more good horsey stuff. Today I pulled another mane, this time belonging to the gorgeous Bobby, a welsh mountain pony. Yes I know they’re supposed to have naturally long flowing manes etc. But it’s not practical for the poor little tots who have to ride him and get their hands tangled up in his mane when they’re trying to pick up their reins. It’s not really fair on him either if we’re being honest, having his mane pulled around like that all the time. So he is now sporting a rather snazzy short version. He looks like a show pony. Super boy.

Yesterday I had a pretty good ride with Cleo. We did some schooling, I took away my own stirrups voluntarily to work on my position and lengthen my legs, and then we jumped at the end. I have no idea how high it was, as it had been set up the day before, but we jumped it anyway. The first time she ran out. The second time was a mess as she took off about two metres in front of it, so the landing was horrible and resulted in my being thrown forward onto her neck. I got back onto the saddle easy enough though. The third time my reactions weren’t quick enough so I kinda bobbled around a bit in the saddle. The fourth time was a million times better though, as I managed to anticipate her movements more accurately and moved in time with her rather than being too slow. We left it at that, as I was happy for both of us with that final jump.

I also helped Anita with some of the advertising for the centre yesterday afternoon, as it’s something I’ll have to get used to now that I’m staying on. Yesterday was a case of taking posters out to places and requesting that they were put in windows for clients and passers by to see. Easy enough as it turned out, but I was panic stricken for a short while as I’m terrible at approaching strangers especially if I have to ask for something.

And, on a final happy note, my lovely parents are coming out to see me in a couple of weeks. So that’s nice. It’ll be really good to see them, plus they’ll get to see the place I’m going to be living and working for the next year as well as meet everyone here after a year of listening to me talk about how fantastic they all are. Yay.

Apart from the sunburn, everything is dandy.


Any thoughts?

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